Healthy (ish) summer treats which are easy to do!

Hey all! I’ve got something sweet to share with you all. Summer is approaching and for many of us, we endeavour to have the best time with a hot bod. I know people who have married the gym over the past six months and have devoted themselves to achieving the enviable… Summer body.

So, why would we ruin our hard work with fatty, artificial and unnatural foods? (Even though they taste as though they were made by a divinity) it may be worth checking out some alternatives, that are equally as luscious and revitalising not only for your tastebuds, but for your body and general health also. 

This recipe may be one of the ,last cost effective snacks which I love to make. I get to mix my favourite chocolate and my favourite fruits together whilst curbing the guilt of being over glutinous. But all in moderation.  

These are the lush snacks I’m trying to persuade you are the new fresh donuts or the alternative of cookie dough. Hard to convince you I’m sure but by review, they are said to be totally divine.

Plus you can see chocolate… Are you not yet tempted? (The chocolate is high in calories purely because I mixed milk chocolate with Nutella)

These are the ingredients needed to pull of this master piece…

The prep

It really doesn’t matter what fruits you use… Just use those that you love and think would really compliment chocolate. But I’m all honesty I think anything complements chocolate. You will need bamboo sticks to prop the fruits upon and then once the fruits were so cautiously stabbed and aligned, I hovered the sticks over the bowl and then drizzled chocolate on the sticks.

Once this is done, you can either eat them immediately and indulge but I recommend chilling them in the fridge and then eating them.

The best part of this whole thing? You can lick the bowl of chocolate and use excess fruit to clean the bowl… This may be the not so healthy aspect but that’s what it’s all for am I right? 

I really hope you enjoy this recipe and for it to be healthy, remember it is all in moderation, if you’re not too fussed then eat away and share this recipe with all whom with benefit from it!


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