Create curls that don’t frazzle your locks!

Most of us have a certain adoration and attachment to our luscious locks that make or break us. I know for me, my hair is something that I like to nurture as though it were alive. Pretty weird right? Yeah I guess my hair care indulgence may be seen as unconventional, but I believe hair should be treated as attentively as we would, let’s say our teeth or our digestive system. 

For years now, I’ve been styling, scorching and back combing my hair. Really testing its endurance and longevity. About 3 months ago, I noticed the condition of my hair become inexcusable. It was flaking with every comb and crunching under the plates of hot lava otherwise known as flat irons. 

This simply wouldn’t do, so I googled crazy ways to still style your hair and protect its natural health. Unfortunately, my natural hair is feeble and doesn’t really fall into any category, actually it may fall into the category of unruly. Nevertheless, I’m going to share with you my experience of foil curling. 

All it is, is using foil to curl your hair. I believe the reason this is promoted as a heat defeated is because the foil is the main conductor to the heat fending off direct contact. 

I also like to use Argon oil in this process because it meshes together loose strands and any mishaps that may have occurred. 

So you may have googled this else where and have seen my girls or guys don this look…

At this point, my fabulous assistant (younger sibling who works for free!) had wrapped my hair around her fingers, into loops, then sealed the loops in the foil. 

After this was done to all of my hair, we used a GHD thick plate iron to squeeze the packages of hair and let the heat run through. We did this for about 20seconds each and then left the foils in for a while. 

The results was, at first, very tight very unappealing curls. I won’t lie to you, I was dissapointed because there was an element of frizz but I brushed the curls out and used Argan oil to smooth out any stray hairs.

The result… 


Products used…



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