You’re all talk sweet cheeks 

Afternoon bloggers! It’s been a while I am aware, although you might not have noticed my absence, I definitely have. For the past couple of weeks I have been just Demi and kind of missed having the DelveintoDem persona which emerges when blogging. 

On the sunny side, my life is looking pretty spectacular! After finishing my A-Levels and waiting in limbo for the next big thing to explode in my life, I’ve been utilising my time and having the most fun ever. I’m surprised David Cameron isn’t reporting a booming economy as me and my friends have been into London copious time and that isn’t a cheap day out! (Our bank accounts are looking feeble) but why save money when it’s there to be spent? I actually said that to my dad not moments ago as he was inquiring into how I can afford my lifestyle (he thinks I’m selling weed) and he said to me when you’re older saving will be a priority. In retrospect, I see the validity in that, but I’m not ‘older’ yet. 

Moving on, I wasn’t going to start blogging till next month as I’ve been collecting some really cool materials to share with you all from beauty tips to fab days out which I cannot wait to share with you! But this post is to decipher between the doers and the sayers. Both made up words of course but I’m pretty sure you all know what I mean right?

Because summer has just graced most of our lives and many of you are about the excel into the sky and land on a tropical island or about to spark up a monstrous BBQ with ice cold Pimms or you may even be about to exploit Netflix for the next week. Either way, your summer has come knocking and it is yours to do whatever you like!

If I could offer any advice this summer, apart from the sunscreen lecture or the hydration imperative, I’d scream at you DONT BE A SAYER.

I want to do so much this summer, and because I left sixth form a while ago I’ve already had a whole month of fun but still, I have things I want to do, like learn Spanish. I am currently taking classes and doing extra work in achieving this aim. And to reward myself? Well a trip to a Spanish speaking region of course! Learning can be fun and this is something I’m doing because I want to do it! 

The point of this? Too often I hear ‘yes I’m going to do that’ but people never get round to doing it for some reason. The biggest one I hear is “I am going to lose weight” and people never do it! But imagine a world where people did what they really wanted to do (within reason of course) it would be awesome. That drunken night when your friend told you they are going to read to the blind? Imagine if that wasn’t just an empty confession but a motion, an action? That competition you wanted to enter but didn’t, imagine you entered and you won?

I think you get my point now. I don’t really know what I’m talking about anymore either, I’m actually in a beer garden soaking up the Rays and foreseeing the summer of possibilities I am going to create for myself. I hope you guys have an awesome summer and really really do what it is you want to do. 

If you’ve achieved anything awesome this summer or have done something you’ve always wanted to do let me know at @Delveintodem and I’d be more than thrilled to guest post your experience. 


2 thoughts on “You’re all talk sweet cheeks 

  1. I love this post, although it has lead to a bit of a reality check! This summer so far I have been such a “sayer”, as you put it, and not much of a “doer” (might have to steal those words for my vocabulary)!! I have plenty of time to change this though! I hope you have a lovely summer full of doing.
    Katie, xx

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope you do become a doer as I like to put it and have the best summer you can, like you said, you’ve got plenty of time (: xx


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