Why #Dontjudgeme is a pile of poo

Twitter has done it again. Another potential success manipulated into a vanity contest which puts a specific look on a pedestal of perfection. Hate to be the dark cloud over what some have referred to as ‘a little bit of fun’ but how much fun are you really having?

If you were to ask me DelveintoDem what is the #dontjudgeme trend? I’d snigger and respond with clarity… The idea that a people on social media will make themselves look ‘unappealing’ which is rather offensive actually because people are using glasses and spots as their main detractors of beauty what’s wrong with glasses and spots? Anyway, then they smoke out the camera and perform magic! They look gorgeous! 

The message that is being portrayed?

Just because I have spots and glasses and weird other shit on my face, and you know, my hair is tied up in unconventional ways does not mean that you should judge me. Don’t judge me because in about an hours time I’ll refilm myself looking glamorous and perfect and you’ll feel dumb that you ever judged me. 

For me, this challenge is ridiculous! It fustrates me because it has the potential to be something great, there have been some instances where people have done the reverse and taken off their makeup for the don’t judge me part. I feel like that is a clearer message than the one that is being constructed on Twitter right now. Because in actuality, all that is being done is girls are applying make-up to their face to make them this different person, this is saddening as it kind of sends the message people only will like them if they are attractive? 

Guys you aren’t off the hook either, what is it will plaguing your face with black dots then adding a double chin that makes people think they are going to judge you? Sure you may look smoking once your facade is gone but what message are you really sending? 

I understand this challenge may all be in good faith and hilarity but seriously, what is with these faces that are being pulled at the end of the videos? I like to refer to the most common one as the ‘light blinder’ where people do this weird thing with their eyes it’s like… I don’t even know how to describe it! 

So for those of you who didn’t know what this challenge was, I feel like I’ve given you a very concise and bias viewpoint. I do recoomend you watch the videos as they are funny and reveal some real stunners. Just don’t take the message #dontjudgeme too seriously though as the initial aim of this challenge has been caught in a storm of vanity and competition! 

Oh and this is my opinion on the challenge so #dontjudgeme please.


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