Fav Beauty Products of this season…

As the sky warms with the presence of the summer sun and our body writhers under its heat, it is very likely that those with make up on will feel as though they are in Madame Tussaud’s as our make up melts as though it is wax!

I went on a beauty haul and a dive around my room to look for products that could achieve a light, natural and pretty look. When shopping, I found it quite hard to aquire new products so I don’t really have many new things to pretend I’m a specialist about… But I did find some new products in my room hidden in crooks and crannies I haven’t explored for years!

This will become problematic when looking at my pallet as the brand has worn off! I don’t thinks it’s too swanky though as I’ve had it for years and it is only of recent I am a religious premium beauty consumer. 

Anyway… Moving on to the bit you’ve all clicked on here for!

This is the look achieved by the products I’ve found…

Here are the products 


  • Benefit Rollerlash Mascara already had 
  • No7 Sunkissed Lipgloss new purchase 
  • bonjour Paris bronzer found in a draw 
  • Benefit Rockateur present
  • L’oreal brow artist necessity 
  • Benefit push up liner new
  • Anonymous eye shadow pallet found in my Harry Potter cupboard

I love each of these products because they really are simple to use. I’ve always had difficulty finding a mascara that could actually do something for my lashes, this is why I love Benefit products because they always deliver!

The palette was a nice discovery. I wanted to try a eyeshadow look which linked with my Sunkissed makeup theme…


I used the golden glittery one in the far corner and was very please with the results! I will endeavour to find out the brand but until then…Trust in my words… 

For coverage… I wanted something light. So I’ve decided to single out a product that I bought yesterday.

Luckily, my skin is relatively clear with the sporadical spot or blemish. This is lightweight, easy to apply and leaves a nice silky finish. The Nude Magique Blur Cream is definitely one I’d recommend. For me, I use the medium to dark and find it adapts nicely to your skin. One fault I would lay with this, the coverage is very very light so if you don’t like your skin you’ll likely to still see it! Also it’s very texturised and you can feel almost a soft sheer on your skin.


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