My favourite food combos that ought to be a ‘thing’

Did you open this post because you’re a major foodie who loves so sink their teeth into a sucluent pork chop or because you’re a dreamer who is bored of the plain old packet of sweets?

Well, either way, I’ve got some well known food combos that I’d like to applaud for all of you to see. In life, we encounter opposites everywhere… It’s a shame really that health and sugary foods must be at odds with one another. Nevertheless, I refuses to choice one over the other who said we can’t have the best of both worlds?

What I like about our age, era, generation whatever you want to call it, is that we are so experimental and are constantly pushing for new boundaries! Thankfully for us foodies, this includes food. So, I thought, as I’m sitting hear listening to my tummy bellow out demands for sugary goodness that I’d blog about salivating dreams. Why don’t I just eat them? 

Writing them out for you guys may detract my appetite for them, I know I said I wouldn’t choose between health and junk but if you’ve spent a whole hour spinning on a stationary bike envisioning the end results whilst drowning in a bucket of your own salty sweat whilst imitating a caveman with barbarous grunts then, you too would be willing to preserve the calories deficit you have just created for yourself! (I don’t know what was harder, my workout or resisting the rocky road with honeycomb I have setting in the fridge)

It may be worth mentioning that my favourite cheesecake combinations come from The Cheesecake Factory I had a snickers cheesecake and never wanted basic desserts again in my life!

Anyway… Get your tissues out to wipe your drool and shopping lists for the indulgence that this post may influence.

Nutella, marshmallows and salted peanuts…

What you’ll need is in the title. 

This is one of my favourites because I love textures in my food, this offers a chewy and crunchy texture and oozes absolute divinity in your mouth. 

First, crush some peanuts into a bowl until they look like tiny little nothings, then mix in a lot of nutella and mini marshmellows. Then you’re pretty much done, you could chill it in the fridge after making little blobs of them to set or you could do what I do and be a JVC scooper and just savage it all!

Grilled cheese with mozerella, onion and ham…

It’s been done, I’m sure of it but this is one of my favourite grilled cheese recipes. It is your standard cheesy grilled cheese just with added ham or bacon, depending on your tastes and then with onions in the middle. This is perfect because the mozerella and cheddar cheese offer two different textures whilst the ham and onion complement the cheeses! Sounds scrumptious huh? But also extremely unmericful to the waistline.

Ice cream and chips…

Yes, yes you’re not surprised. The McDonald’s chip and Mcflurry combo has been around for a while but not many people try it! Plus, I like to do it independent of McDonald’s and use vanilla ice cream and normal child that you can get from wherever! The salty goodness is too much.

Hot doughballs with raspberry icing…

I’d be surprised if you have tried this! I like to get adventurous and this is something I’ve mustered up. You make doughballs as you would normally, without garlic butter just the dough… Whilst cooling make icing also as you would normally but prior to this… Crush up a handful of raspberries until in a purée and then mix in with the icing. Pour generously ontop of the warm doughballs. Don’t expect the icing to set, it’s best to eat them when they are hot!

Oreos, jam, banana and ice cream!

Take the Oreo biscuit apart, put in a slice of banana, spread some jam in of your preference them dollop a spoon of ice cream them close the oversized biscuit back together! This is sweet and crunchy and definitely one to have for a quick snack!

Lasagna pizza!

I hate it when my parents make me pick between my two favourite meals. So why not experiment and combine! I know this has potentially been done prior to my experimenting but nonetheless it’s on the list.

Make a pizza base then add the sauce then pasta and meat, then the cheese sauce then coat loads of graded cheddar and mozerella ontop! It’s a it of a jungle and you have to preboil the pasta sheets but it’s all worth it in the end.

Popcorn and peanut butter rocky road!

Best till last? I love this! 

I hate raisins so I thought I’d defy the traditional rocky road and make my own! I like to use sweet and salt popcorn from the supermarket, melt down two bars of Cadburys, mix in four table spoons of peanut butter in the chocolate then mix in the popcorn. This isn’t enough… I then like to add an array of biscuits but I left that out the title as it can be whatever biscuit you’d like! I usually use malted milk or cookies!
Well I hope you like the array of recipes/ideas and can give them ago! 

If you’d like, I’d love to hear some of your suggestions and the weirdest or the best food combos that you’ve had! 

Doesn’t have to be unhealthy but I thought I’d keep it sweet today!


5 thoughts on “My favourite food combos that ought to be a ‘thing’

  1. Honestly, you are a menace to good taste and cuisine, an instrument of taste-buds destruction, a culinary devil with a tail hidden in your cook’s trousers and little horns hidden under your cook’s hat. You are clearly trying to influence innocent, naive, defenceless eaters in indulging in your unpalatable and indigestible foodstuff. Evcn Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and company are not as bad as you when it come to food. Folks of this world, in order to retain your sense of good taste and health watch out for this Deiventodem when she talks to you about food! Controversial Cook the valiant paladin and defender of good eating and cooking has spoken out and warned you. Ignore his words at your peril Ahah…

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    1. Loooooool I am to please even if they are lower pleasures (: defend good food all you will, I’m a strong advocate for healthy eating. But when the sugar from fruits don’t cut it anymore… There are options

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