The summer necessities…

Bueno dias! Today, like yesterday, is sweltering with summer goodness and unfortunately a suffocating humidity! But I am not complaining, I plead and pray all year round for some luscious weather in Britain that I can just indulge in. 

But it is so important to be prepared for the heat, that way you can just kick back and soak up the Rays and make memories that will last a life time all without, pain or frustration. So for the beginning of July, which I class as summer (the rest of the world probably does also) I thought I’d share with you some serious survival techniques… Okay, I’m making that sound way more dramatic than it is, but seriously there is a lot to consider!

  • Hair: my hair is quite thick and the heat really takes its toll, I find that during the summer seasons it’s very handy to know some braiding techniques. Also, summer is the perfect time to restore your healthy hair, by using less heat, and tying it up all pretty you avoid heat damage. (Fish braids, French plaits, normal braids and headbands have all been recognised as essential this summer).

  • Water: this seems pretty self-explanatory right? Well, I know I’m guilty of picking a sex on the beach over a still water when out for lunch or just a soft drink when I’m on a day out! Sure they taste fab, but water can too. A big thing at the moment is the fruit infusers, if you get one and prep it for your day out you will stay hydrated. This is great because the sun has the sleep effect and we want to enjoy the sun not sleep through it!
  • Sunscreen: At first, actually… Every summer I grunt and groan about the slip, slap, slop routine of applying sunscreen. Purely because I am convinced that it will prevent me from being kissed by the sun. But, I have a lot of melotonin in my skin, so during this summer I will be app,Hong the sunblock… Not convinced it’s essential? Well it prevents ageing, need I say more?
  • Playsuits: my favourite summer wear are definitely play suits! They are spacious and airy and are cut so short-not in a slutty way- that the tan lines from the sun are minimal… Plus they are so easy to don with a pair of sandals and being an all in one you never have to worry about ‘ahh but it doesn’t go’. Of course, play suits are tricky when you need the laboratory… But we make sacrifices for style.
  • Ice cream and sorbet: is it just me or does summer suppress your appetite?! I can hardly face a heavy meal in the summer and when I’m looking for a light treat, chocolate just doesn’t have the same comforting feel as it does in winter. But, for indulgence purposes, I have to have ice cream and sorbet through the summer seasons! (Mango and passion fruit sorbet and any ice cream available to me)

  • Swimming pools: unfortunately, I only have a rubber pool in my garden and although sufficient it’s not a full blown pool. The pool is my favourite kind of sporty day out because you are refreshed whilst doing it, but also you’re working all of your bodies muscles.
  •  Antihistamine:  hayfever sufferers, don’t you just loath our unfortunate plague? It’s not too bad because we have pills but still, if you forget to take one when you’re out and your sweet neighbour Jim decides to cut his lawn…. You’ll regret the forgetfulness. #PiritonAppreciation 
  • The outdoors: the best till last… Despite the flock of creatures that roam the sky as if it where an airforce, I love the outdoors. Luckily for me, I live within a train journey into London and can enjoy all it has to offer. Which is brilliant as my area is very ruralish. That’s not a word I’m sure? Plus the outdoors is the only place to rock a full blown BBQ!  

Nope you all enjoy the heat waves that are to come and prepare sufficiently, these are just a few things that I would say I “need” during the summer periods. Comment below any further ideas or necessities! I need to add to my vague but broad list!


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