Hola, Bonjour, Hei, Hallo, Ciao! why I love languages 

Hola, soy hablo inglés but I’d love to be fluent in Spanish and potentially, mandarin. How tired are you of knowing the bare minimal of a whole entire language? Just refer back to the beginning of this post, I successfully managed a feeble 4 words of Spanish! I could tell you that I eat bread in Spanish, but it is hardly relevant (yo como pan).

From people very close to me, to those I encounter for a brief yet memorable moment, I frequently diagnose people with the ‘Travel Bug’ as they have a hunger, sometimes a consuming gravity towards the idea of travelling. For me, travelling is my telos, long to immerse myself in the wilderness of the Amazon and the glamour and riches of Paris and New York, even to be surrounded by the momentous Alps isolated from all I know to be ‘normal’. And naturally, my heart swarms with desires to be smitten with a local in Venice and harmoniously content on the exotic island of Hawaii… What a dream. 

Travelling is one the prominent advantage of learning a second language, it is a way to enhance your travelling experience and really become culturally enriched! Many people, including my younger self, believed that as being a native English speaker, I need not learn another language as many people all over the world probably speak English also, how wrong was I? It was not until recent I discovered that Mandarin to be the leading force of language with 1,197,000,000 speakers worldwide and Spanish seeping in at second with 414,000,000 speakers, that is a lot of people.

Anyway, it may be evident being a linguist would be detrimental to the sport of travelling and can help you aquire, learn and entrench yourself in your desired locations. But I believe knowing more than one language to be a real gem to your own personal lives. The way we will is through communication, for me, I love talking… Even when faced with the language barrier, I often find myself prancing about in vain trying to communicate what it is I want to say. 

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Here are some other pretty little benefits of being a super cool linguist…

  • Employability: with more people achieving the ever so desired degree and racking up the hours of credible work experience… What makes you stand out? A lot of businesses and professions have international clientele and potentially, being able to communicate to others may subsequently, make you to perfect person for the job! And theoretically, it may heighten your chances of travelling the world through your job!
  •  Bragging rights: this may be subjective, but I am almost always impressed when I meet someone who can speak an alternate language! Yes, this awe and amazement is mixed with a vulgar jealousy but I no way does it deflect light from the attraction of meeting someone who is bilingual! When I learn a language, fluently, I will present myself with a certificate of bragging rights.
  • Culture: i always find, having a primary approach to culture aids me better in learning more! We don’t just want a generic insight anymore… We want to know more! This may be more accessible to those who know another language! Plus you can order your food more precisely when travelling abroad! Isn’t that reason enough?
  • Music: is it foolish to say this may be my leading reason? I love Spanish music and listen to it all the time… The only problemo is that I have a vague and elusive understanding of what it is that they are saying. Learning a language, Spanish in this instance, I’d finally understand what it is that Enrique Inglesias and Prince Royce are singing to me about.
  • Personal merit: as someone who loves to blog, imagine how cool it would be to expand your audience by being able to appeal to a whole other audience internationally?! I find that the be so alluring and motivating. I once had a pen pal and we tried to exchange language lessons but it was in vain. Also, you expand your chances of building strong personal connections with peopl whether it be in love or in friendship or even in business! That could only be a benefit to your life if you ask me.

I am adamant that there are a million other perks of being bilingual but I thought I’d share with you a moment which really made me feel impotent…

I was in Costa del Sol with my family, when I was younger I used to venture there frequently and I got quite familiar with the locals. Although the I was like 12-14years old, I thought I found my first crush. I remember wearing a midi turquoise dress that swishes around my knees and having a glorious tan. Being of mixed ethnicity, people often mistook me for a local! Though really fun, got a bit awkward when they started asking me stuff in Spanish. Anyway, back to my crush, we spent time together just communicating through looks and miming. I’ll skip the build up- even though I love the build up- he kissed my cheek eventually, and started speaking fluent Spanish to me. I was devasted I couldn’t understand what he said and that I was going home the next day so I couldn’t try and get it all translated. But that was the end of that… I often think, if I knew what he had said where would we be now?

I’m going to wrap it up only because my IPad is burning a crater in my legs! I honestly will stand firm in the premise that learning a language is good and beneficial for all and that those who even consider to learn a language, should endeavour to do so! I want to blame my parents for not knowing another language and passing on the talent and I also want to blame myself for playing hangman in my French classes and passing up the chance to at least, be conversational in French! 

What languages do you guys know and thing are the best ones to learn?


14 thoughts on “Hola, Bonjour, Hei, Hallo, Ciao! why I love languages 

  1. I love your post and totally agree with you!
    I love languages, too! I really want to learn Italian. Spanish is shortly after that on my list, but I probably won´t get to learning it very soon. Nevertheless I speak English (surprise!;-), German and French fluently. I´m still working on my French though, I believe I am pretty good, but I can definitely get better.
    Learning languages is great and I totally love travelling to countries where I can speak a lanuage I leared/am learning.

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  2. I speak several languages including Latin and ancient Greeks These last two are very useful when I travel back in time to Ancient Greece and Rome.
    I also speak Anglo-Italian which is Italianated version of English and Italian mixed up that I’ve invented. It can be very funny.
    I wish I could speak Etruscan too but I can’t make head or tail of it. For some reasons it’s very difficult and obscure.

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      1. Once you learn one it’s easier to learn others. The important thing is to speak a lot even to yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learning languages is like learning music. So learn by heart several songs in Spanish and sing them aloud, it’s one of the best way. This is one tip from me 🙂


  3. Nothing quite like speaking a foreign language ~ the best way to begin to understand a culture different than your own. Go for Mandarin Chinese, you’ll never be bored and the history that goes along with the language is incredible. Cheers to you!

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