What to wear for an interview? Yes, it really does matter…

We’ve applied, cried and climbed to success. The application process may be considered hard and the interview harder, and then (if we are successful) the job would be harder! But what about the meticulous details?

A bunch of us may be very similar and have the same quality fixations and experience which means we need something to tilt the scales in our favour no? Because, when you turn up to an interview, the likelihood is, those fierce contenders that are staring you down or mobbing their nervous sweat are all there because they ticked the criteria, the same criteria as you! 

Now it’s time to set yourselves apart, I know when I attended interviews my first thought alludes to the prospect of what I am going to wear! It really does matter, and I know people who loathe interview dress because it doesn’t allow them to express their character and personality. But, it is about consideration for your environment and looking like you’d belong to the brand, label or business. 

If you’re applying for a creative designer role and get an interview, you probably would be better off opting against a mundane clean cut suit. Instead, you can tap into that creativity inside of you that helped you get to the interview stage! If you’re applying for a lawyer position but you have a passion for heavy metal and the gothic movement, well… Your probably going to have to opt for a subtle and alternate look. It doesn’t mean it’s not you, it just means it’s a different version of you! 

Anyway, this is what I’d wear for an interview… I believe the styles will accommodate many career paths. I try to avoid black, to just avoid generic statements and stand out a little.

The skirt…




You want to look professional but not like rock, go for a diamond… Simple but elegant. These skirts encompass a cool and proves sessional look. What is important is that they don’t resemble a night out and would look lavish with a plain shirt or blouse.  



Conveniently, these shirts were clustered together. I would, personally, always opt for a shirt or blouse when attending an interview. Not just because they are conventional, but because they are comfortable and stylish, you have your most offensive areas covered by elegant design and you sill look glamorous without your killer colloar bones showing! Dependent on your bottom, I’d usually opt for a plain blouse because it is versatile and can be complemented by your accessories. 




For the summer seasons, a blazer may not be the top of your list, you can always keep warm with a nice long sleeved blouse. But these light and colourful Blazers would add a stand out look to any black skirt or trousers and can shelter you from sudden gusts of wind! Employers would preferable look for a blazer as it indicated professionalism and that an effort has been considered! 



Dresses are always popular, they are flattering and extrmely professional. They are also an easier option as being an all in one! But now, when I look for a  ‘day dress’ I still end up with half of my cleavage welcoming the world. Not the look you want on a interview! These dress are cute and simple and offer a sleek sense of style whilst still being modest. 

So these are a few different styles I’d consider, I have an interview in a few weeks so I’ll let you know what I actually opt for! There is so much more to consider in an interview, don’t get me wrong… If you fall short of other factors I’m just suggest you might want to impress with your dress, we all know how important first impressions are… Look what happened to Susan Boyle. 

If anyone is reading this and has upcoming interviews, good look and I hope this has helped!

All other sugguestions are welcome in the comments section or over at @delveintodem 🙂


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