The birds have flow the nest…

From the first day we proudly wear our uniform to the last days were we drag, pull and heave ourselves to school… We pray for it to come to a sudden end. Sometimes, we have dreams that the school has burnt down and we no longer have to go to school. Not to mention those ever so desired snow days where the school falls prisoner to an avalanche of white heaven. 

For me, the it has arrived. I no longer go to school or under obligation to stay in academic studies! I am free. But am I really? There will be things that I miss about school but things and people I so ardently push out of my life. 

Although my last exam was an absolute train wreck and I should probably enquire into jobs at a strip club or something more modest like a charity fundraiser. The blow is softened by the liberation I feel. 

But how many times has an aged relative said to you…

“You’ll miss it”

“The school years are the best years of your life”

“Now get ready for the real world”

I’m am certain when I say, the only thing I will miss is the comfort and security of school and the exemption from the ritual of paying bills. Not that I didn’t make memories at my school… It’s just that I didn’t really like it and seldom went in.

But on a more melancholy note, here are some things I’d miss…

  • The teachers, in the latter years of my time at school, I have found that teachers are so much more than naggy wannabe parents who have no lives, they actually are capable of forming personal relationships and being understanding!
  • The food, the school canteen food was in no way Michelin star worthy but they had their good days… Southern fried chicken Tuesday and chocolate muffins
  • The security, now that I’ve left school I suppose I am an adult and have to start looking for adult things, like a job if my grades fall through and experience to add to my CV
  • Of course the people, I’ll miss my friends so much but it’s not too heart breaking because I’ll see them outside of school
  • The drama, I’d rather cry over someone bitching about me as oppose to not being able to pay my bills
  • The free stuff… Never had to pay for any stationary 

This is about it, I’m sure we all have our own memories of school and things that we will miss…. But I am looking forward to what the future holds. Cheese or what! But on the bright side… SUMMER IS OFFICALLY HERE!


2 thoughts on “The birds have flow the nest…

  1. There are many truths that the older generations will try to pass on to you and none of them will really resonate with you until you experience the same life lessons that taught them (us). One truth is that the years will soften your memories of school and your youth. Someday you may look back upon this time in your life with much greater fondness than you do now. You may also come to appreciate the value of education as life is far more demanding that you realize at this age. Still, let’s keep this a celebration. Congrats on finishing school and may you have a wonderful, adventurous long life!

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    1. Thank you for your wisdom! I probably will develop a fondness and I already am, very grateful for my studies so I guess that will only increase with time! But thank you very much I hope so too have a great day

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