Are these weird beauty hacks?!

So, naturally we want to look our best right? I mean even when we don’t have an occasion or some hot hunk/chica to impress, we want to look marginally presentable? (Excluding the morning hangovers). 

I’m continuing presuming you’ve all just nodded and said ‘yeah girl you’ve got it’ ….

Anyway, moving to post purpose, I’m was browsing the World Wide Web in pursuit of some quick, effective and cheap beauty hacks. Preferable, just little tips that I can incorporate into my daily life without going out of my way. I came across this weird one that urged me to let garden snails patrol my face oozing their ‘natural goodness’ into my pores… So gross.

But I did find good beauty hacks…

The sugary exfoliation…

This may be one of the best ones I’ve tried today. This is probably like beauty scripture that everyone knows about, but I’m still in awe at the sweet (excuse the pun) results that I got from it. I took about 3tablespoons of ordinary sugar and mixed it with water making a paste. At this point, I’m thinking really? But skipping the prep, I rub it into my skin feeling like a fool and jump in the bath.

I was snotting sugar for awhile afterwards but the results were op brilliant, the granuals had knocked off my dead skin cells. Now I’m left with soft skin with a sugary scent… Bite me.

The Foil curler…

I’m sure we all know this hack… Because it’s genius had hit the Internet and many videos have been made. It looks a little something like this…

I tried it, I liked it but I did look like a magistrate who had sent down far too many criminals, I think I did them a it tooting. Nonetheless, a great beauty hack.

Egg-treme hair gung…

Like the name? Our hair requires protein to be all luscious and healthy and what better way to directly do it than applying the source of protein straight to the strands? 

I mixed 3 egg yolks and wait for it… Milk. I had read it would add to the consistency making it more appliable and thick, wrong! I had egg yolk caressing my face. It was like having an omelette on my head I was so hot with fustration.

Despite, the smell and the hard application, the results were not too bad! My hair is noticeably softer and shinier but it did take a while to be rid of the egg. Word to the wise… If you do try it use warm water not hot water… I’m sure the egg was cooking at once point!

So they are a few I’ve tried, I find the, to be quite bizarre. I’d much rather by a product from Boots, but these did have an element of convieniece and did follow through! 

Over to you…

Do you have any weird beauty hacks?


4 thoughts on “Are these weird beauty hacks?!

  1. I’ve seen your photo. You are good looking enough as you are so you shouldn’t bother with such silly practices. The best beauty booster in the world is the smile. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost anything except some good daily teeth brushing.

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  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. If you check out my latest post you will see! You have to answer the 10 questions that I asked you and then nominate 5 other blogs for the award and provide them with questions! Hope you enjoy x

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