Why working out is better in the morning!

If I were to read this post June last year… I’d scoff and roll my eyes! Working out is hard enough, but to do it at the crack of dawn when you could be watching Morning TV? 

Yeah I’d rather watch Jeremy Kyle or This Morning.

However, there has been a flip in my mentality, I can attribute it (I’m thinking exam stress) to the stress that needed to be released. When reading about what workouts work best for people, I’ve learnt it really is subjective. You’ve got to do what works for you and many people always assume that mornings are for fatty bacon sandwiches (damn, now I want bacon) and a hot, buttery slab of fluffy toast. I thought this too, if you’ve been keeping up to date with my posts, you’ll know I am a breakfast fanatic! I LOVE breakfasts. 

But since I’ve reluctantly, embarked upon a fitness mission (is it too late to give up?) I’ve found the morning workout tradition to be the most productive. The only down side is, my eggs are scrambled in less butter and my bacon is reduced fat… I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth it. In the meantime… This is my pre-morning fuel up!

Just a heads up, that’s not all I eat, I’ll have a rich protein breakfast after the big sweat!

Here are some of the perks of working out in the morning!

  1. Motivation: I didn’t wake up at ridiculous o’clock to do a half hearted job… I push myself harder in the morning because I give myself just enough time to workout before my day begins. Meaning, I utilities my time the best I can.
  2. A big breakfast: i envision a healthy and fulfilling breakfast on the horizon, it is like a fat kid running towards cake.
  3. The  convenience: getting it out the way! This is probably my best reason, knowing I can enjoy my day ahead without dreading the workout!
  4. A good hair day: that piping hot shower at the end and the fresh hair! I shower anyway, don’t confuse me for a smelly one! But my hair I wash when I can be bothered. After a work out, my hair is drenched with sweat so I get to do it all again!
  5. A good day! I feel pumped, the endorphins are having a party in my body and instead of being a brain dead zombie… I’m actually alert and ready for my day!
  6. Health: you’re more likely to eat healthier all day because you wouldn’t want all that hard work to be for nothing right? Or so I’ve heard.
  7. Sleep: after a strenuous morning and a active day, come bed time I am slumped! But sleep reaps many health benefits so I’m not complaining! 

So who would have though a workout in the morning could be good? And I’m surprised there were even 7 reasons! 

If you’re contemplating a workout in the morning… Do it and give it a try!


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