And through the storm, a survivor emerges!

Suffocated by the mist of stale and thick dust, I’ve finally found my way to my blog! Who would’ve thought that through this exam stress and copious amounts of exubarating knowledge I’d remember I ever had a blog… I’m kidding, i couldn’t have survived the storm with this rainbow that is my humble blog.

I know so many people who have turned to comfort in a time of despair, if you haven’t forgotten, pizza is the only comfort, and I have to say, A-level students are survivors it’s just crazy how much we have to do! And I know the real world may be tougher but for right now? I feel as though I’ve just left Bear Grylls Island and I probably look like this…


I still have an exam pending but I’m taking this precious moment to blog. So I just thought in this post I’d do a blitz of what I’ve been up to, which in actuality isn’t that astounding, because I’ve had my head in a book for quite sometime. HOWEVER, there have been little things that have perked me up!

  1. Music, I’ve had a it of a throw back the past 2 weeks to old school Brittany Spears ,N-Sync and Michael Jackon
  2. Health, people of expertise always recommend you eat well around exam season, I have been eating way more fruit and less of the bad stuff!
  3. Cinema, me and my friends go to the cinema often, it’s a nice day out when you’ve got a week of intensive revision to do.
  4. Shopping, I am so guilty in the fact I have brought so much over the past month to compensate for my lack of social life! But then I think, I’ve brought these amazing shoes and I’m not going out? 
  5. Summer days, the weather has really been picking up, and I don’t really like to go out much during my revision periods because I want really great grades. But the weather, like now, is so sublime that cute days out became quite frequent. It’s not always we get sun!

I have also been trying some new things….

Homemade Frappes

This is a little invention of my own, well with some Google recommendations, but it tasted so good and I’ve never really been a fan of cold coffee. But as much as I love hot, rich coffee I decided to mix it up… Excuse the pun, but I’m better off for it because I can’t get enough!


Part of the health recommendation, I have been cycling and doing ab works out! Though painful I thorougly enjoy them and find pleasure in seeing my body tone up… Which is always a plus because summer is seeping closer.

Winged eyeliner

This was probably the biggest change for me, don’t hate me but… I have always said I’d never try winged eyeliner because it seemed abit too much. But I was going through my Florida bags and found a free sample of The Benefit Push  Up eyeliner which I gave a go. I loved it , but naturally I haven’t yet perfected the art of flicking the liner. Nonetheless, I bought a full size one and I’m taking step by step. If you have any recommendations for a tutorial , please help a girl out!

You’ll see below, I’ve only manage the slightest flick.




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