Things I loved the most in May! (Yes, I’m early)

Just want to say thank you for the 200 followers, I’m pretty chuffed!

The end of the month is dawning upon us. I say dawning because I see both an illumated haven and a epitome of darkness around the corner. Of course, pay day is the light, I can already taste the pizza I’ll be buying and smell the floral and jasmine tones of perfume I’ll be donning. But, where there is light there is dark. My exams are seeping towards me like a predator to its prey and I tell, I am not prepared! In fact, I should already be planning the route of failure, I heard pole dancing pays good? 

Anyway, this month has flown by but there have been some little perk that have gotten me through it! This post will show TV programmes I’ve been replacing with revision because they are fantastic, foods that have supporting me through hardship (revision) and make-up products of the month. The make-up products will merely be a review as I did a May Make Up revamp post if you want to check that out! 

The make up…

I used to wee a lot of heavy eyeliner, like full on panda style, but I decided this month to experiment with a more subtle and simple eyeline technique. Which, may I add, I would not have learnt without various blog posts… I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to make up.

Here is what I used…

Specific listing can be found in a prior post named May Make up revamp!

Here is how it turned out!


TV programmes of the month…

I have been patiently waiting for the return of Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black, so I had to find and rekindle some TV loving. So I’ve been really into Nashville at the moment, it is just so scandalous and musical although, I really dislike Maddy, but I guess all programmes have that one dislikes lie character. I’m also really into Made In Chelsea, I watched all seasons, so I guess you could say I’m rekindling that flame, but nevertheless, I am a major #MIC FAN and I’m sure if you watch it you agree with me that Spencer is a fitty!


I know it’s a little late down but I’m replacing food with music! 

These are just a few songs, that this month have really stood out for me… Even though they aren’t all modern!


So that is my round up of the month, the upcoming month is going to be pretty intense with revision so I doubt I’ll get much blogging time! 

Hope you all have a great next month (btw I am aware i am 3 days early) and I look forward to reading your posts!


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