The beach is my fragment of heaven on earth 

A place to go where you are elevated from distress or a place to enhance your tranquil state of mind. We all have that one place we love to go to. From the cinemas where we take our friends to laugh, cry and cringe or the Bahamas where we sip cocktails and take embarrassing pictures. For me, the beach is a little bit of heaven on earth. I’m not fortunate enough to leave near the edge of Britain and to be in walking distance of from one heaven (my bed) to another… But this is not a factor that diminishes my love for the sandy landscape, air of salinity and a ferrocious endearing ocean which reminds you that there is a whole world out there to explore. 

Britains beaches are not famous for the bliss of the Mediterranean nor are they famous for the exotic and colourful species which reside in their clear blue oceans… In fact, it’s sort of like looking at a Instagram picture of a beach then being catfished on your arrival. 

What you envision our coastlines to look like…

What they really look like…


Okay okay I’m being biased and dramatic, they really aren’t that dismal but nevertheless, I do love all beaches. They are places I love to visit at all times of the year in all countries. 

Here are 10 reasons why I love the beach…

  1. I love the beach because: they are essentially the natural beauty spa. Sand which natural exfoliants and a sea that aids in in getting that sun kissed glow, not to mention that beach wave hair all of us endeavour to recreate.
  2. I love the beach because: I always find that Britains seasides serve up the freshest and most delectable Fish and Chips I have ever had! 
  3. I love the beach because: people there are genuinely happy, even though we get sand in our eyes and our annoying friends wish to dunk you in the sea, we really are more contented (it could just be me)
  4. The animals: all over the world, you are offered an array of animals to encounter. From fish, Dolphins, camels or donkeys… There is always something cool to do
  5. The Arcades: I’m not sure whether this is just a British thing, but I love wasting all my money on games I’ll never win and fruit machines I have no idea how to operate!
  6. Ice Cream: we all love ice cream I’m sure… What better place to enjoy a 99p 
  7. The swimsuits: I love pretty swim suits, sure there is the daunting prospect of a famous ‘beach body’ but who will look at your rolls when you’ve got a Dior swimsuit on?
  8. The pictures: I have had my fair share of beach pics… Whether with the animals or on being buried in the sand, literally, I love the snap shots.
  9. The ocean: this will depend on where you are really, because abroad the beaches are Instagram worthy and the sea doesn’t usually have a coke can knocking about, but I love swimming as far out as I can and feeling free. But I am always plagued by the idea of jellyfish and various other sea life.
  10. The freedom: if you’re not fortunate enough to live near a beach, you probably drop all your plans to go there meaning you are there purely to have fun

Plus, you can do cool things like this… (Thank you) 

So those are just a few reasons why I love the beach, sure I’ve got my hates like the fight for towel space and recliners and the sand in my eyes but you get over them, to an extent!

Where is your little bit of heaven?



13 thoughts on “The beach is my fragment of heaven on earth 

  1. I love the beach too! Until I was seventeen I have been spending every July in a little town called Lido di Camaiore, where I made one of the typical Tuscan seaside experiences with my family. We would rent a house near the beach, go to the beach in the morning, have lunch (always cooked by my ‘nonna’) then go back in the afternoon and go for walks at night on the main promenade. It was so beautiful and I totally understand your love for the beach. I think that the Arcade is quite a diffused thing! Have you been to Weston super Mare? And what is your favourite seaside place? Love Assia xx

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Beaches in Tuscan look divine, and to spend every July there you are so lucky aha. But I’m glad I’ve found smoke one who loves the beaches equally, I have been to western-super-mare and I do really like it there it’s one of the better ones but my favourite one is Cromer in Norfolk it is so pretty and usually very clean xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I imagine that donkeys must make beaches better. I’ve spent years living near beaches and often thought “If I only had a donkey, this day would be complete.” I am envious. 🙂

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