20 little pleasures that satisfy us all?

It isn’t always the lottery wins-As rare as they are- or the grades, even promotions that always render us happy. In fact, some of us like to indulge in little bits of satisfaction. 

But what is it that satisfies us? 

As subjective as that statement is, I’m inclined to put forth some suggests and my own personal sense of satisfaction…

  1. When the shuffle on your IPod doesn’t need altering because the tracks are 10/10
  2. When you’re wearing matching underwear 
  3. Getting to the checkout and finding out the item costs less than you anticipated
  4. Putting on jeans and finding unexpected money in your pocket
  5. Opening the fridge and seeing an array of delights 
  6. When you find a Instagram filter that makes you model worthy
  7. Your online order comes a day or two earlier
  8. Girls, your eyelashes curl perfectly with your mascara
  9. You find a keyring/coke bottle/ pen or whatnots with your name on
  10. You wake up thinking its a school day, but it’s the weekend
  11. The most annoying character in a TV programme is axed 
  12. Someone else pays for your food
  13. Your crush has broken up with their not so significant other
  14. You finally find out the name of a song you’ve been singing all day
  15. Your crisp packet isn’t half air half crisp, but full of crisps!
  16. Stepping off an aeroplane and feeling the heat of your new location(unless it’s cold)
  17. Finding a desert you love that is reasonably healthy! (Hence the chocolate strawberries)
  18. When your battery lasts you all day (rare, but probable)
  19. When you’ve got sun kissed skin from the summer seasons
  20. When Starbucks spells your name right (I usually get Damy, it’s Demi!)



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