Let’s travel back in time and bring back the cool stuff?

I am not a traitor to my generation, I love to divulge all my attention into the technological age we live in. For me, my iPad is like a mirror of unbounded intellect and I love that I have this luxury, but why can’t we mix the old with the new? I watch, sadly, many different period dramas-yes, Downton Abbey has my heart- and what I see when I watch them is things I wish we used/had now.  Just settling any doubts, I don’t mean we should have a T-Rex for pets or a a slow and mundane computer instead of a Mac… On no, how would we survive? 

What I do mean is I would love to see some traditions brought back into fashion! Surely you’ve thought about it too!

Mustangs and Cadillacs…

Sure, a Range Rover can dominate the streets and embodies what some may deem as power and wealth. But I’d rather have my hair crinkled, wind infusing volume into each strand why people gaze upon my pink Cadillac! They are just so chic and vintage and I’d love one to parade around in!

Record Players…

I am a hoarder so I would relish in an array of records with beautiful authentic covers complementing my shelves. Although, I do love the versatile nature of the AUX cable and my IPod… But to have a Record a Player at a party would surely be more fashionable? Plus you won’t get that odd person plugging in their phone when your jam is on!

TV shows…

F.R.I.E.N.D.S need to come back as does recess and 90210. Of course these are my preferences, but the idea is they need to come back! How is The Vampire Diaries meant to compensate for these programmes or Jessie to make up for recess? It just doesn’t work (probably not the best comparisons)


This is vague I know, but ladies would wear beautiful dresses even to get their groceries. As much as I love my slouches and don’t care clothing, watching old fashioned movies and the class and elegance that they had, it makes me envious.


We still have them but not to an extent that we used to. This suggestion comes from the my experience of digital loss. When my iPhone got stolen, I had lost some of the most important and significant pictures and I didn’t turn on the cloud! But if I had had them in poloriod form, I would not have been so devasting.

Dance Hall…

I would take a dance hall over cheeky Nando’s any day! I would take a Waltz over a twerk or griding upon another as I’m sure many ladies would! Even a Bachata is more relatatable. (I wouldn’t say no to a twerk from Johnny Depp though)


The art of letter writing is so beautiful as it is personal. A text is too meaningless something, I love the ease of course but when I want a message from someone special, I’d much prefer it in the form of handwritten sentiments. 

There are so many others things I’d love to bring back, like the tamagotchi, electrasketch and other various bits and bobs! Even the yo-yo occupies me for hours and not to mention the amount of Bratz dolls I had. But these are just a few things i think would bring back small pleasures to us, I know my nana would love for me to pick her up in a Mustang and take her to a dance hall and maybe even for a milkshake? 

I just remembered…

Sweet stores…(saving the best till last)

One every here and there is not sufficient, place all the One Stops with old fashioned sweet stores that are not extortionate! 25p is not acceptable for a Freddo!


However, what I don’t wish to bring back, desire the evil dictators and dinosaurs are these bricks of communication… (Even though the battery life would be 10/10)


What do you miss? 



12 thoughts on “Let’s travel back in time and bring back the cool stuff?

  1. I completely agree with all of these! In addition to Friends, I miss shows like Boy Meets World – Girl Meets World just isn’t the same. I like what you said about letters too – there’s something so nostalgic and personal about a handwritten letter.

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  2. Most things that were done in the good old days were better and more durable and often created with more taste. Nowadays we live in the society of use and throw away as soon as something new comes in the market. Those who adhere to such philosophy, by far the great majority unfortunately, suffer from a condition called ‘Neomania’ that eventually it will have serious consequences for the world because humanity is simply squandering the finite resources of the planet and polluting it. The only consolation with regard to old things is that they become fashionable and objects of collection tinted with nostalgia. Unfortunately often they cost a lot of money so they can only be afforded by the rich. There are many things that I miss such old typewriters, old radios made of wood or Bakelite, fountain pens waist watches and telephones. Others such as old double decker busses public telephone cabins and post boxes that were symbolic of Britain are disappearing too and replaced by uninteresting models. If I could take back a style of design it would be art Deco and the clothes that women wore in those days with their hats skirts and all, so stylish. And if I could abolish one thing typical of modern times it would be women wearing trousers, so unfeminine. The art of letter writing of course I miss it very much especially because I used to be a calligrapher.


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