Bad Blood or Bad Girl? Taylor Swift the indomitable?

Warning: this is not a Swift hate post, I repeat it is not a hate post.


How many of us are besotted with Taylor Swift? Formally known as Americas Sweetheart. From her tight curls and elegant dresses to her chic bob cut, ratted Daisy Dukes and fierce red lipstick and now? We have a ring leader of Hollywoods most desired ladies with skin of latex and attitudes of steel reaping all the benefits of being Swifties bestie, including staring in her #BadBloodMusicVideo on watching an interview with Gigi Hadid, all it took was a text to entice her into starring as Slay-Z… She looked vivacious!

But what does this tell us about Taylor? It’s not secret Bad Blood was a bullethole to Katy Perry, which will not be fixed by a bandage I presume, but the electisim of her ‘harem’ highlights just how indomitable Taylor Swift really is! Here are a few of my favourite Superhero ladies…

  1. Selene Gomez
  2. Cindy Crawford 
  3. Jessica Alba
  4. Lily Aldrige
  5. Gigi Hadid
  6. Ellen Pompeo

It’s like a buffet of shining stars! No doubt for the new comers into the industry, this music video was a   marketing extravaganza. Adding the the allure of Swifts much anticipated video was the Kendrick Lemar Spin on it… This really was a cherry to an already expensively tiered cake, but it worked, it worked really well. I’d like to see this as Taylor helped people within this industry become know all over and advance their careers in a inventive and creative style, I mean everyone needs a helping hand, if I fail my A-Levels this year I pray for spot on  her next video! I didn’t make the cut this time, she must have forgot to post my poster up. She is forgiven.

Taylor Swift in this respect is a saving grace, but I can’t help but feel intimidated by this array of talent and beauty. The may just have the most amazing ‘squad’ in Hollywood right now! I wouldn’t not want to mess with her or her ladies. It is fair to argued that Swift in on the top of her game right now and anyone would be foolish not to jump on that flight. 



I agree, I would have loved to have seen more Taylor and a longer video! Short and sweet but it could’ve had that spectacular endurance that is evident in many of her videos!

What were your thoughts on the #BadBloodMusicVideo? Was it worth the wait? Did you expect more? Or was it perfect just the way it was! 


7 thoughts on “Bad Blood or Bad Girl? Taylor Swift the indomitable?

  1. In spite that I’m a hell of a musician, in fact I have created two musicals with the same ease that I eat a plate of spaghetti I had not a clue of who Taylor Swift was until you started posting blogs about her so I checked in Wikipedia. The fact is that modern day celebrities are all hype, hype and on top of it hype, in short fabrications of the media and consumerism therefore they don’t interest me in the least. I will listen to one of her songs in youtube but I doubt that I will be impressed. I wasn’t impressed by Harry Potter, Madonna. Michael Jackson and so on therefore can you imagine me being impressed by this Taylor Swift?

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      1. I don’t follow celebrities because they bore me to death that is why. In fact I’m a great critic of celebrities adulation in my writings in a satirical way. However thank you for having pointed her to me so that I can listen to some of her songs.

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      2. I’m sure that some of them are very good only that I would like the public to consider them as being normal people and don’t put them on a pedestal as if they are gods or goddesses. I’m a person with many talents and believe me that there is nothing special in having a talent it’s an attribute like another and only remarkable when it does something for others or humanity. A lot of celebrities or successful talented people due to money and fame end up by being egocentric, narcissistic and opinionated.

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      3. Blimey, I’ve tried to listen to that Taylor Swift on youtube, I only managed a few seconds of any of her supposed best hits… I couldn’t listen more than that because her songs are not at all ‘Taylored’ to my musical taste therefore I ‘Swiftly’ gave up. My ears refused to listen altogether. She is an insult to music.

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