Adding Aesthetic Value to My Sunday (by that I mean food)

Sunday are renowned for being ‘a day of rest’ it has been enforced by employers, religion and from our own sense of laziness! They are a vicious reminder that you’re week is about the restart but also, a sumptuous day where you can be self -indulgent and relish in the last hours before the new week. 

But how do we choose to spend them?

Yes, I know most of us have an abundance of papers due, chores that exploit all our energy and for some of us, there’s a hangover to cure. But for those of us looking for an escape, there are many things we should be doing on a Sunday to prepare and fuel us for the strenuous week ahead. I try to make Sunday the only day that I don’t exhaust myself slaving –exaggerated- over laborious case studies, instead I trade them in for the little things that have rich and indulging value to my life… Yes I’m talking about Pizza. 


Franco Manca
Franco Manca

A way to a clean mind and a sense of satisfaction? It can only really be achieved by a Franco Manca sourdough pizza. This was the first time I had ventured to this franchise, I was dubious because who can beat a Pizza Express or a TGI?, but I was not dissapoint… Not only did I flirt with a gorgeous pizza making God, I also got a stoned baked plate of heaven. I recommend tthis little bit of divinity to you all. 

But of course you need a drink?


Starbucks Frapp
I am the epitome of a Taylor Swift Starbucks lover, if only they were the lyrics!- fortunately for me and my friend, it was #StarbucksHappyHour on Frappuchinos, so I got a large mango fruit for only £1.80 and for the dollar it’s about $2.18 (it was along time ago I did math) but the deal only last till The 22nd of May so get them now! The cookie for just for my gut.
My favourite stop today!

Literature and reading are two things I adore and I came across the most serene bookstore selling vintage and deluxe covered books… I may or may not have ruined the display trying to get this picture, but I’m sure you’ll deem it worth it once you see how luxurious these books are…



Told you they are perfect

So these were some of the little perks of my Sunday, adding to the day I have had was the company I was with. As much as I’d love to say today has filled me with glee and I am raring for the week ahead, I can’t help but think of all the work due and essays to be done, but hey, I’ve got a book and a tummy full of food I am in no position to complain!

How are you spending/spent your Sunday?!



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