10 Things the World Could Do Without…

We all have our pet grievances, people we detest and little pet hates we all wish we didn’t have to deal with, I know I have my fair share do you? I think it would be hard to universally condemn anything but I have a few pet hates or annoyances that I think you guys could really relate to. To be truthful, I could probably sit here for hours on end reciting a million but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

10 Things the World Could Do Without…

  1. Gum slappers: my Dad is a prime example of someone who chews gum to the extent of annoyance, I’m sure we could all go without knowing you are chewing gum!
  2. The Food Showers: I can see by your plate what you are eating, must I see it in your mouth also? I’m sure we all have that one person who loves to show us their mashed up food
  3. Queuing Quells: need I say more? We all hate waiting around like a groups of people performing the Polonaise 
  4. Justin Bieber: I mean no disrespect here, but really?
  5. Jealous Janes: why must people feel envious or hateful out of jealousy? Come on people, we know jealous isn’t really necessary.
  6. Spot Masks: by this, I mean spots. How many times have you cancelled a date or used all of your expensive foundation covering up Mont Blanc on your face? 
  7. Negative Vibes: i neither want, need or care for your negative vibes, have a strong drink.
  8. Wasps: if you have referred to a prior post, you know why I have a disdain for wasps.
  9. Loom Bands: Yes, I’m talking about those rubbery things that clings on to your skin and are btw, terrible for the environment 
  10. PPI CALLS: this one really bugs me, it’s like I think someone wants to call and speak to me or an employers, potentially but it’s actually Paul for PPI management telling me I have a fortune waiting to be unlocked…

I am really struggling to keep this short, so many ideas are congregating in my head just trying to make it onto my blog. It’s sort of like Britain’s Gots Talent, I picked some of the worst and best examples and the reject? Well there’s always a place in the comments.


7 thoughts on “10 Things the World Could Do Without…

  1. Gum slappers: Hahaha, yes! I would get in so much trouble as a kid if I ever smacked my gum in my mouth.

    The Food Showers: What am I eating, “SEE FOOD” get it sea food.. haha yeah not funny that is just gross.

    Queuing Quells: It is torture..

    Justin Bieber: I am not a Beibler.. How did he become so popular!?

    Jealous Janes: We are all jealous creatures, though some take it to a whole new level via demonstrating, and it is not necessary.

    Spot Masks: This is a horror in any girl and even guys life. You think it will be over after high school, then when it gets close to that “time of the month” in your 20s the evil monster reappears sending you into a panic!

    Negative Vibes: Some of us can be “Debbie Downers” at certain points in our life, I know I can be, but you should never bring it around other people unless they are there for you to talk to. In some situations negativity is not necessary and even shunned, if everyone is having a good time and laughing, dont be that person.. DONT.

    Wasps: Bugs in general.. ugh.

    Loom Bands: Never heard of them?

    PPI CALLS: Hahaha.. must agree that this is just annoying.

    Loved your list!

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    1. Aha thank you so much! I love the Debbie Downer reference should’ve used that! Loom bands are like little bands that can be used to make things, mainly bracelets, they are as annoying as ever! I’m glad you like my list, I tried to keep it broad, to an extent 🙂

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