Lifestyle Changes That I’ve Made…reluctantly

Hey all! Hope your day as been as delightful as mine. I rarely have good days but this month they have come I abundances, I couldn’t believe my luck. But it is the work of the divine, nature or my inner better self? I must find the source of this new found happiness, bottle it up and mass produce it. 

One thing I had noticed is that over the past month I have changed my lifestyle habits. I’d always struggled with health even as a child, I have adopted so,e new habits and routines that have really complemented my lifestyle. I thought I’d share them with you guys because if you’re looking for some tips I think mine are easy enough to implement into your life and stick to them! 

I got so sick of feeling gross in myself that I decided that I wanted to make some changes to myself, not for vanity, but in pursuit of being the best version of myself. I must thank Annie Jaffrey whom motivated me to start caring about my healthy and see how alterations could make me feel better.

Changes I’ve made…

  1. I wake up in the morning a little bit earlier to give my self time to focus and collect everything together including my breakfast!
  2. I drink a lot of Green Tea, my favourite flavours are Pineapple and passion fruit and lemon. 
  3. I try and incorporate about 2litres of water in my diet
  4. I read 1 non school book a week, this is the advice of Cher Horowitz
  5. I spent a lot of time with my friends talking to the,mahout how they feel, I find this really helps strengthen friendships and makes me feel like I am benefitting someone else
  6. I listen to podcast
  7. I have replaced all sugary treats with dark chocolate, this is very recent but I have found its benefits to be to an extent, immediate. 
  8. I try to say ‘no’ as little as often because I am always up for trying new things and I do want to start doing more things
  9. I buy a new cosmetic when I can, in the image below I am wearing Ted Baker Rose Lipstick! I strongly recommend ladies and guys?

These are a few changes, I hope in the time to come I can add more changes that will make me feel better in myself and improve my health! If you have any tips please comment below! 

Lost 2lbs this week, shall I have a glass of wine?



7 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes That I’ve Made…reluctantly

  1. Alright, love all tips. My only addition is that I actually try to say “no” more often because I say yes too much and then I get stressed and obsessed-not good :)Great post! ❤

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  2. I can’t remember when I last had a bad day. It must have been donkey years ago. With time I’ve built a anti bad day system in my brain that makes a bad day very difficult to happen.
    I looked at your chart it look like a good start for a greenhorn happiness seeker as long as those things that you have listed are not like new year resolution that only last one day.
    They are fine but…
    1) You don’t have to imbibe two litres of water a day because in the long run it can even be counterproductive. It’s a myth that one has to drink so much water. Think of those people that live in scorching hot desert areas of the world they probably consume two litres of water in a week and are perfectly healthy. The common sense rule is that one should drink when one feels the need for it.
    2) Green Tea being fantastic for health is another big myth devised by market people and nutritionist gurus to sell Green Tea. I too started two drink it years ago because of all the hype attached to it. To be honest I never felt that it was doing anything to me, then one day I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. After the dentist cleaned my teeth he told me spit my saliva in the sink. To my surprise and horror it was green like the skin of a lizard. I was astonished and asked the dentist why it was so. Straight away he said because you have been drinking green tea didn’t you? From that day I changed to plain black ordinary tea with no milk or sugar in it that in my view it tastes much nicer besides being is healthier and less expensive
    All this said, like in your earlier post about persuasion I don’t want to persuade you. By all means, if you feel like wanting to dry up the Thames of water and having a green smile go ahead.

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  3. Health is a big issue for me and I’ve already made some changes like getting more sleep and drinking more water. When I read the one about saying yes more often, I smiled. Because my problem is that I have to learn to say no more often! My father would have called it “burning the candle at both ends,” I say yes often because I don’t want to disappoint whomever is asking me to do something, but also because I like doing a lot of things. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to things in moderation. One more thing. How did you get used to dark chocolate? I just can’t…

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    1. I totally see your point but I always have the tendency to say no! But vice versa. I always find with dark chocolate that if you buy one with a mixed in flavour it will that bitter tang. I personally like orange and almond dark chocolate very good


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