Power of persuasion, Can I tempt you in a read?

Did you consider not opening this post? I know I would’ve, in fact you probably thought “don’t try and persuade me”. 

I’m writing this post because I believe the power of persausion is more than just a term of referral to a concept, but something that actually exists. Whether it comes in the form of a pouty face complemented by soft brown doe eyes or in the form of a cold, metallic  weapon of destruction pointed to your temple and cold sweat of fear suffocating your free will, it exists. 

Today I went out with a friend with the intent of shopping, but I ended up in her Aunts pottery class making, well attempting to make, a form of clay vase. We looked rather cute actually, it was like the scene from Ghost, except she was whispering in my ear, “it is not hard, get a grip of yourself” Romantic isn’t she? In all fairness, I was pretty awful and her Aunt was getting impatient but hey, I thought I’d be trying mould a bra perfectly to my boob size not a clay pot.

Anyway, I was so amazed she got me to go to this pottery session that I started to think she had the power of persuasion. But then, plot twist, I suddenly had flash backs to all the times I had been persuaded to do something I didn’t want to do!

  1. When I bought a £60 scarf because it complemented my height…
  2. When I ate that extra plate of food at my nanas
  3. When I kissed your boyfriends friend so he didn’t feel lonely 
  4. When I gave £10 to charity because I am a good person
  5. When I gave you my number because you told me you usually have better chat up lines and I should text you to find them out 
  6. When I ate carrots because they’d help me conquer my fear of the dark
  7. When I went to watch Carrie because I’m a team player and ended up with nightmares ever since
  8. When I went to the gym, despite my protest, because that’s what friends do 
  9. When I skipped school because you were heartbroken but actually we went to TGIs
  10. When I smoked a certain substance which I will neither deny nor confirm I did so, because it would make me clever, boy am I dumb

I’m sure you can all think of your own examples, feel free to share them below! Help me prove the power of persuasion is more than just a saying so someone can make a million pounds inventing the preventative tool. 


2 thoughts on “Power of persuasion, Can I tempt you in a read?

  1. Hidden persuaders are everywhere, in fact the whole world is full of them them. As a rule persuaders try to persuade others for their own interests or for confirming their own views. ‘The Hidden Persuaders’ is the title of a great book of the 70 that became a classic in its field that shows how the world of marketing manipulates consumers in order to sell whatever goods it wants using psychological techniques, images and mind games. When I was younger than I’m now I was often persuaded in doing things and behaving as others or society wanted me to and it caused me many problems. Eventually I became un-persuadable and life was much easier as I found out that in a world of persuadables and persuaded the unpersuadable is king. Now I’m as that saying says: “You can bring a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink.”

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