Top 5 reasons why I LOVE living in the heart of Britain

London is one of the most beautiful places to live, I feel so fortunate I can easily immerse myself into the City of London and just enrich myself in all the beauties it has to offer. I know London is not without fault, but it makes diamonds of London shine brighter and allows me to appreciate them more! (I may do the down falls of London another time). I love a thriving atmosphere that is so diverse in all it has to offer! London provides this and I recommend to all that you either visit or… Visit! 

The Night Life…

I don’t just mean crazy parties, although they are just as chill, I mean London is alive in the midst of the stars departure and arrivals. You can go pretty much anywhere and find a poorly illuminate room filled with so many different people and have the greatest time.  And if you’re lucky, you will get free pink ears like I did!

The culture…

One thing I love about London is that it has so much heritage and history that needs to decelerate into! A monarchy that is still alive today and years of tragedy, heroes and plagues just waiting to be encountered by the minds of our generation. This brings me to one of my favourite places that I like to just lose myself in…The Imperial War Museum


The Landmarks…

We are pretty lucky to have some of the most famous establishments, buildings and people. There are so many I could have picked but I love shopping… So by now you can probably already guess the image… 


The people…

Events in London are guaranteed to attract people, it’s like bees to honey. One of the best things I love about London is the community and the people around you, besides those who shove you so hard off the pavement, there are also those willing to engaged in conversation and share in the experience with you! I have met some of the greatest people in the heart of our nation and I would do it all again! 

Finally, The Food…

There are so many different food establishments I could have potentially named, but one of the places I am really digging at the moment is Sushi Samba! I had never l love even liked sushi until I took the mystical journey up the lift to Sushi Samba, granted its nots cheap… But it is luscious! 

I have been really selective, there are so many other reasons why I love London and these are few that spring to mind. If you have any questions or even your own loves and likes please feel free to comment! London has the cracks and crannies concealing the true treasures and together we can find them! That was really cheesy but you get the gist. 


3 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons why I LOVE living in the heart of Britain

  1. I’ve lived in London almost since the time that was founded.
    For exactness I came here from Italy as a young centurion of Julius Caesar and while all the other Roman soldiers were eventually kicked out after teaching the natives how to eat make wine and build steam baths I got trapped in it and I’ve never been able to go back.
    Do I like London? No, yes, nope, more nope than yes.
    It’s becoming a city for the super wealthy made up of absurdly expensive luxury flats and mansions and inflated rents that most people cannot afford or even ever dream to buy a small house.
    Nowadays it’s a money making machine where everybody is obsessed with money and, and, and… worst of all is the most unfriendly city in the UK (according to a recent survey British survey conducted by the Cambridge university.) That is why there are so many depressed and marginalised people in London As well as people cueing up for meals in hundreds of food banks or sleeping rough in the streets.
    And the food? Either: terrible, insipid, mediocre and expensive, unless one doesn’t spend a lot of money from 50 up to 300 pounds per meal… and knows where to go which usually can only be known by word of mouth by asking to people who really know how to eat.
    Or even better to ask to the finest cook, gourmet and restaurant critic in the world who is, it goes without saying… nonetheless than His Culinary Excellency: controverialcook of course, modesty aside…
    For more information about his Mighty Culinary Mighytness log on to his main website

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  2. Loved it. You have definitely showed me a different perspective of the world I’ve never seen before. I hope to visit places like London, Scotland, etc to broaden my horizons. Where I come from people never get the opportunity to view the world, so I definitely want to show them how big the world truly is.

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