Tell me I’m dreaming! That Bertie is coming back.

Disaster struck 48 hours ago-roughly- I was minding my own, I’m pretty sure I was eating but then again, when am I not? Nevertheless, I realise I hadn’t had any texts that day. Suspicious. I reach into my bag and pull out my phone. How can I explain the horror of my disposition? Poor Bertie is dead! 

And I don’t mean temporarily dead like, when I get home and infuse it with electric sparks it will come back to me, no this is it… I must let go. I have to be honest, my pain was only made worst by the fact that firstly, Bertie doesn’t have insurance, secondly, we have no spare phones and the last stink bomb I’m only 5 months into my contract. If I were a millionaire or even a tad bit prosperous I could probably sort something out but I am not and I am currently waiting for to find an antique lamp with a Genie in to grant me some wishes. 

How is life without a phone?

It’s dark. I’m lucky in the sense I have my IPad and parents company that I don’t abhor, in fact I might even call them funny? I said might. But I have had to occupy myself some way.  

Above are just some of the trinkets I’ve been using to make my life a little easier. Yes that is an IPod from like the dinasaur ages. I was thrilled to reboot it up and find some old classics on there from Michael Jackson to Aerosmith and my playlist from the Britney Spears day. I updated it with some new tracks and I’m feeling a lot more content. I have returned also, to the art of writing. I like to have things planned out and my phone had the most intricate lists ever, now it’s just me and my pad. The Great Gatsby was the book I was reading on my phone kindle app thing, I could download it on here but i kind of like the paperback edition. The chocolate is just for fun-as soon as this post is done I will devour it- and finally, I found that I have been changing my nail polish ever so often. I feel like I’m doing more but I miss my baby. 

It’s not so bad, I’ll keep you updated on my life in the Medieval Times, if you’re wondering of course. 

Ps: I also went flower shopping! When would I ever go shopping merely for flowers?


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