WARNING: Monday is approaching 

i made a post previously about how all good things come to an end… I forgot to mention weekend. It’s that time, Monday is seeping through the hours and my body is already fatigued and I’m already fed up with the pill of manure coming my way. But, I am determined to have a good week, I had done some research on how to better yourself for the near future. I am going to apply these to the coming week. (I’m only including the most related ones I found…

Be organised

Instead of stressing about forgetting something , or panicking because you’ve got a presentation due and you’ve lost your flash drive, make sure you have everything you in in place before you start your day.

Look good

This doesn’t necessarily mean Hollywood good, just shower every morning and make sure you’ve got a good skin routine to make you feel fresh and alive for the toiled of the day. Guys, groom yourselves and just be aware that cologne can only improve you. Girlies, you know the drill, try and new look and make sure you are having a good hair day.

Plan your outfits

How many times do you freak out because what you wanted to wear had a stain on or was more creased than your nana? Get it all ready before hand and then you have more time in the morning to just chill and get your shit together.

Have a goal

List a couple of things you want to make sure you get done this week and really stick to it. I always find a little incentive at the end of it enough to my make me stick to my goals. Plus it will help you feel like you are on top of things

Have fun

Plan something, do something or eat something really exciting and cool. Give yourself something to look forward to.

And finally…


A lot of the time, people can be responsible for our stress, misery and anger but I find that if you are positive and good willed then you are more likely to attract the kind of positive people you need right now. If your teacher/boss/superior/dog or parent is being a douche, just brush it off and kill them with kindness.

Goodnight beautiful bloggers, I hope the week isn’t too strenuous and tiresome but is filled with adventure for you all! I hope to post some cool new things on here this week so if you’re having a tough week stop by and share. 



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