Don’t go, I need you. 

Face it, there is much truth in the famous saying “all good things come to an end”, when was the last time you so throughly enjoyed something and on being so entranced by its brilliance, it suddenly comes to an abrupt and leaving you bellowing, WHY MUST YOU END? I hate it when things I love come to an end because it reminds me I can’t preserve things and that too much of a good thing can be bad… Can it? I don’t think too much Nutella could ever be bad, only for my waistline, surely we should be entitled to endless pleasure? 

Here are a few things that reep tears from my eyes when they end…

  • TV Programmes: after binging for hours and years on end then suddenly, there is no more, what am I going to do with my life without Ross and Rachel and Chandler 
  • Perfume: I love smelling like a floral delight, even on my ugliest days I find solace in smelling good, but when you’re on your last dregs and funds are low, the end of a fragrance can be devastating
  • Foods: of course, when any plate of food goes you are left wounded, but what about those products that are just discontinued? Remember Snaps from Cadbury’s? 
  • Relationships: this is quite subjective, but as mayor of singleton, when my relationships come to an end it makes me sad, naturally, but there is plenty more fish in the sea. I’ve just got to go fishing
  • Weather: Britain is notorious for its inconsistency in weather, one week we have beautiful sunshine then we have polluted raindrops. We can never seem to have a month of good weather
  • Movies: there have been so many times that I have watched a movie and just been gutted at it finishing
  • Sleep: unfortunately, we are all busy bees and have to depart from our lives in our dream lands
  • Holidays: why can’t they last forever? I love me when I’m on holiday I’m such a better person as I’m sure we all are
  • Occasions: yes, I am one of those, I wish it could be Christmas everyday kinds of people.
  • Luck: I find luck to be quite arbitrary, I could have a couples days of lucky wins but what follows is an eternity of bad luck and cobwebs 
  • Moments: we have all heard, live in the moment, have you ever just stopped, and indulged in the moment? There have been many times where I have been so elated by my surrounding, atmosphere and laughter that I wish it would never end.

These are just a few things that I wish wouldn’t come to an end, but I suppose my looking forward to them renders them a little more special. I think what makes me love them is that they are a luxury to me and not something I take for granted. It’s nice to just appreciate the good and when bad does arrive at our stop, we look forward to the light that follows-cheesy I know- where there is light, there is dark and vice versa.  

What is that you wish would last that little bit longer? 

This soon will come to a tragic end. 



3 thoughts on “Don’t go, I need you. 

  1. Wow! I loved it! Yeah I agree with you that happiness and good things comes to an end. You have conveyed the message so beautifully that I kept my eye on every single word! And yes, my life is just nothing without Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and the liveliest character Phoebe

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