Reality of voting

I have just come back from, the first time, excursion get my right to vote! I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed, I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t that. I had this image of a beautiful hall decorate with candidate propaganda, elegant card paper displaying your options and friendly atmosphere of good vibes and democratic celebration. That’s what I pictured anyway. 

The reality 

  1. I arrive at the local polling station, it’s scarce but a few people a nattering on about what they are having for tea
  2. I walk in, all eyes on me… They didn’t have to say anything but I knew what they were thinking. A YOUNG PERSON?
  3. I walked in, clueless it was a mess. 
  4. Get in and finally they have clarified I am a Jane Doe and I’m allowed to vote
  5. Yay we are getting somewhere
  6. I grabbed the papers, not fancy at all, not even recyclable 
  7. I immerse myself in this cubicle and I start sweating
  8. I can feel eyes in the back of my head 
  9. I tick, I check and all is done
  10. My vote is in the box

No party poppers, no refreshment, no Oreos and milk just that was that… I suppose the glitz and glamour I expected was just fictitious. Which in actuality  is probably a good thing because what I did was quite important and it’s the reality of being an adult.


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