Things I’m good at…

We do not praise ourselves anywhere near enough as we should. So I’ll start us off, theses are some things I am good at…

  1. Spending money, I just spend and spend like everyday is payday then I’m left poor for 98% of the month
  2. Messing up my room; I am just so good at being a human hurricane ruining my room
  3. Procrastination; here I am praising myself when the Third Reich needs addressing
  4. Eating; I have this super cool talent that just involves eating
  5. Saying the wrong thing; I have no filter 
  6. Shaving my legs; I make sure every hair is vanquished from the leg
  7. Making toast; I get it the right colour, texture and buterriness
  8. Reading; I can read long words
  9. Making my dad laugh; don’t get excited, I’m not a comedia but my dad is so easy to please
  10. Stealing; I steal music online and I still haven’t been arrested
  11. Making people happy; this is my favourite, I love that I can make my friends, family and people around me happy
  12. Keeping secrets: why is my hair so big? Because it is full of secrets 



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