For as long as I can remember –this sounds like a fairytale- I had always used the word ‘monstrosorous” in the context of “oh my goodness that is monstrosorous” …

So today, my friends tell me they’ve had enough-enough of what I wondered- turns out what I’ve been trying to say in monstrous…

Today is the day my vocabulary was altered… It may take some getting used to but I’ll get through it.

On doing my research, it’s not even a dinasour which my friend offered as compensation. Although we could be wrong, is monstrosorous a word?


14 thoughts on “Monstrosorous

  1. Monstrosorous was an extremely ugly, big and bad dinosaur that lived in the Triassic and the Jurassic era. It was so ugly and monstrous that it could kill with fright any other dinosaur that had the misfortune of looking at it. Its full name was “Monstrosorous immanis horribilis”. Ref: Info taken from the encyclopedia of weird unknown facts compiled by controversial cook.


  2. As I was pressed with time when I informed you about the ‘Mostrosar0us immanis horribilis’ for the benefits of science now that I have a bit of time to spare I feel obliged to add a further important piece of information on the matter which is: “How did such a mighty unchallengeable huge monster become extinct?
    As I said Mostrosaurous, that lived during the Triassic and Jurassic eras in the swampy swamps of Patagonia could kill any dinosaur that happened to cross its path with its ugliness alone.
    This ugliness that caused instant fright and paralysis in any reptilian that looked at it made it unbeatable. However like everybody it had a weakness which was that Monstrosaurus was very vain and believed that it was the most beautiful reptilian on earth. Because of its vanity each time that it saw a pool of water or a lake or a river with clear water it would look into it to admire its beauty. However each time that it looked in it, it was struck by its unbearable ugliness and died immediately of fright and paralysis. This vanity was the reason why eventually all the Monstrosaurus became extinct. – End of the long overdue essay on Mostrosaurus immanis horribilis.

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    1. Ideally it should be called the medusa of dinosaurs. I’m glad you’ve informed me of this I can argue the validity of the word although, I wasn’t able to come across any further research into it. I typed the word into Google and nothing came up. You must have really good explorative skills x

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  3. Monstrosity is a word you could use so you don’t have to appease your friends by saying monstrous. Though I vote you continue saying “Monstrosorous” because one day it might catch on and then you can get the credit for it!

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