The Importance of Being You

Oscar Wilde is a love of mine, he is satirical and feisty and his play, The Importance of Being Earnest, really is a hilarious read. But what it did bring to my attention is that, not a lot of us appreciate the importance of who we actually are. This includes myself of course –I’d love to be Angelina Jolie or Karl Pilkinton- it is natural for all of us to want to be something other than what we are. 

Who said there is anything unimportant about who we are? We decide that we aren’t good enough. We continually strive to be something else, the image I made the feature of this post makes me want to sunbath more often, but what is wrong with being a little pasty at times? 

I have days, many days, when I cover my face in make up because I feel gross or days where I volunteer time to those who need it because I feel useless, some days, I even clean my room just so many parents are a little bit contented… But it shows that we miss the importance of being who we are because we always want to be that little bit better, Which is totally fine but when is enough enough? 

Honestly, I think beauty is something that is SO subjective that no one can call another ugly, also self importance is subjective. We all have our faults –some more than others- but we all have moments we are proud of because we did them. I think if we focused more of our attention on being who we are we would all be a lot happier. I know it is easier said than done but, really, you are important as an individual, we all impact each others lives differently than one another and that is why we could never truly be anyone or anything other than ourselves.

Think about that next time you pine over what you’re not, who says that Angelina Jolie doesn’t have her doubts?  



One thought on “The Importance of Being You

  1. I could only envisage to be me many years back with the experience and mind that I’ve now.
    Anyway whatever one is I think that one should try to be better each day in relation to ourselves and not to others or how society wants us to be and accept that in the process of being better one may make mistakes. The important thing is to recognize them, try not to repeat them while trying to find solutions on how to improve one’s own life and that of others. Improvements may not be necessarily be big ones, in fact often they may be minimal adjustments to the way that one acts, behaves, lives and relates to others and the world. As for Angelina Jolie and the likes of her, yes of course she has many doubts, If she didn’t, as many conceited celebrities of our age don’t, she would be vain, self-self important, selfish and arrogant.

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