And so it begins…

“oooo that’s bad luck deary” cackled my nana. Little did I believe in the myths that follow superstition, the black cat crossing my path or the tragedy that followed strolling under a ladder, not to mention throwing salt over my right shoulder-a load of turd if you ask me- it could be the left shoulder… Anyway, more fool me for dismissing my nana as a crazy witch who needs to take a less painkillers and start spending time in the real world… Turns out I was the fool and she was the Gandalf preaching wisdom at me.

Getting to the bitter point… I cracked a mirror 2days ago –yes I am that hideous- the mirror shattered and along with it my life. I have been experiencing bullets of bad luck and today has been the worst for it…

Let’s start from when I woke up 

  1. I got to the toilet, there was no toilet paper so I had to shake it like a tail feather
  2. Went downstairs to get some breakfast, there is no eggs left or bread or milk for that matter. I didn’t know I had taken a step into poverty.
  3. I went for a jog and on running downhill I tripped over myself and now have a grazed knee
  4. I went to the cinema later on to see the Avengers, there were only seats left on the very front row. Now I have a crick in my neck and it just looks like my head is to big for my body.
  5. Turns out, when I went to boots to use my advantage card I had left it at home, a wasted journey
  6. Feeling a little hungry and hard done by, I get to McDonald’s and order a chicken and bacon wrap, I asked for no tomatoes… You’ve already guessed it, I got tomatoes 
  7. Last but not least… My phone broke.

So you could say I’m having a pretty tough day, I’m going to write a letter of apology to my nana for handing her a care home leaflet every time she starts giving me the superstition talks. This is a mix of karma and bad luck, I wonder how much further it will go? 

Oh, the May 4th (force) be with you? That seems like a pretty satirical quote right now, the only force with me is gravity pulling down into a darker hole. Just a quick thought, I’ll probably be referring back to a prior post if you’re having a bad day” seems very relevant right now aha 



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