An award? For me? 

If I were to describe myself inspirational would not spring to mind. I’d probably go with anything but that in all fairness, but @robynchristi has nominated me for the inspirational bloggers award and for that, I am so so thankful really!

I cut and pasted the rules because I am lazy so and so…

7 hidden facts….

  1. I have a birthmark the size of a grape on my right elbow 
  2. No one on a personal level to me is aware of my blog
  3. I am double jointed in my knees meaning they just swing about sometimes 
  4. I am a massive Taylor Swift fan, I think she is the bomb!
  5. I have met all of the Tottenham Hotspur football players

I can’t really think of anymore hidden facts per say

Here are my nominations 







These are bloggers right now who’s posts I am digging so nominate and make someone else’s day xxx 


7 thoughts on “An award? For me? 

    Awards are raining on your head like cats and dogs! What is amazing that you earned your award in spite that your Latin is not as fluent as that of Virgil or Ovid. You must be exceptional in other subject 😉 Thank for nominating me. I feel honoured and embarrassed. As for the rules I can see the heads of KGB, CIA and MI5 rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of finding out 7 of my hidden facts! I know what they are saying: “Thank to clever Delveintodem we finally got the guy so now we can put all his secrets in our files. To be honest I’ ll have to find out how this award nomination works or how it’s done. I’m quite good in the internet but sometimes a loose myself in a glass of water as they say in Italy. Meaning that get totally confused about the simplest technological things.

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    1. Aha I love reading your comments! I will try and brush up on my Latin purely for you, and I would get total bragging rights over my friends whom all know another language. Aha well to avoid trouble with said institutes you could always make them up? I look forward to reading them 🙂


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