Why we need beauty bloggers…

Experimenting… We’ve all done it, guys I’m sure you’ve applied what you thought to be a ‘tiny bit of make up’, girls we like to get a little eccentric with the pop colours and end up looking like traffic lights and animals… Yes, animals now wear make up.

The other week I had tried to do beach waves in my hair. I wanted to look like a cool surfer who had an effortless and natural look. Boy was I surprised. I got my tong and waiting anxiously for the magic to begin. Trusting myself, I wrap my hair delicately around the wand thinking ‘I am going to be a babe magnet’…

This brings me back to this errorless moment… I think I had laughed myself a six pack on watching this.

My result… 


 I look like Gottfried, I wanted a beautiful and free mane of luscious locks. What I got was a old fashioned do. 

Moral is, I want to thank you beauty bloggers out there for unveiling the dos and donts of the beauty world. I want to thank all of you who show us the right way to get what we want in terms of beauty- without whom I’d never look like I was from this century.

This is why I think we need beauty bloggers

  1. Best product updates
  2. What is socially acceptable to apply to your face
  3. No Demi eyeliner is not lip liner
  4. Concealer is not foundation Demi 
  5. NO DONT EAT IT (it was a cherry lipstick) 



3 thoughts on “Why we need beauty bloggers…

  1. loved this post! had to laugh at the concealer not being foundation! my friend used to buy 4 or 5 little tubes of concealer and use almost a full bottle of it a day! I was shocked when I found out haha would love it if you checked out my latest post xxx

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