A Simple Sunday

i adore the infamous day of rest. To chill and kick back after a week which has left you depleted? Blissful. 

Today is an especially chill Sunday for me because it is the first time in a while I’ll be will all of my family. Right now, I am sitting on a plump grandfather chair cushioned by its memories, stories and laughs. My family are faffing over who is going to check on the meat –my dad just stormed out in a huff- my aunts and uncles are in hysteria and my mum ends up being the one glazing the meat.

I am fortunate to be in the presence of those that I love, even though it’s a zoo at the moment and I’m your stereotypical teen tapping away at a tablet, I’ll soon return to the land of chaos and share in the family feuds. 

I think this is bad? Wait until be play charades later on and someone gets reprimanded for making an inappropriate gesture – classic.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday and take this moment to wind down and replenish yourself for the upcoming week. Plus I made some baked goods… Tasty right?



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