My Royal Envy 

Days like these I am full of paitriotic sentiments. How can anyone not think the birth of a new royal to be a momentous event! Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge on her little Princess and thank you for giving future generations a princess to look up to, I’m sure little George will be the perfect and protective older brother-if the royal security fall short that is- what a beautiful family. 

However, as much as I adore our monarchy I must reflect upon my own life for a moment; my life has some what been put into perspective and I am filled with envy, not the bad type, just the casual type.

Here are some Royal Envies of mine…

  1. Dolls House: our little princess will have the most beautiful palace to play tea party in, I painted a shoe box and had a Polly Pocket.
  2. Fashion: Prince George is already evidence that the princess will be dressed to a royal standard. A trend setter at the age of a day and I still have no idea what suits my frame
  3. Future: she already has perfect future prospects, I on the other hand, could end up as a drug mule or working in my bakery for the rest of my life 
  4. Play dates: there is no doubt that her birthdays and play dates will be attended my societies most treasured people. She will probably be drinking tea with Emma Watson.
  5. Popularity: I’m not even popular in my own house! Yet she will be adored by a nation!
  6. Antiques: getting to play with antique toys and possessions is such a thrill. I want a wooden rocking horse!
  7. Jewellery: diamonds are a girls best friend 
  8. Royal bed: I love my bed, just not when the planks fall out and I am on the floor. I’m sure she will be given a bed of the utmost grandeur 
  9. Parents: need I say more? Prince William and Kate Middleton as parents? You are winning girly
  10. Queeny: I LOVE our Queen and the princess will be forever in her company. All I can picture is her life replicating that of The Princess Diaries….

Congratulations! And I hope all from all corners of the world will take the day to celebrate of Britians Little Princess… (Hopefully they call her Demi)



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