A Day in the Bakery.

Evening all-or morning- I’ve got a little anecdote for you all. I don’t know if you knew, but I work in a bakery on a Saturday. I’m your cake baking, bread serving and sandwich making goddess… Sounds too good to be true right? If I were a guy I’d lock me up and never let me leave. But besides my culinary talents, I have a fault. 

My short fuse. Working in customer service can be a real joy. I love seeing regulars come in and asked how we are and really treat us more than just bread givers, we have feelings too! But, when I throw up my hair, fix up my face and drag myself out of my bed of clouds at 6AM, to encounter people who look at me like I’m Katie Hopkins is uncalled for …seriously.

10 things  12 things I hate about my job 

  1. I hate it when you try and tell me to cheer up, I’ve got to clean out the tuna later, you try skipping around in an apron 
  2. I hate it when you tell me to hurry up, a good sandwich takes time my dears
  3. I hate it when you relay you’re whole life story to me when the store is clearly a sardine tin
  4. When you try and tell me I should be doing more with my life– this is a part time job!
  5.  I hate it when you embarrass me in the store (one time, a guy told me I was useless and incompetent)
  6. I hate it when you ignore me, I didn’t ask if I could help for you to say “are you going to serve me”
  7. I hate it when you come in 10mins before closing time and scream at me for having sold out of marshmallow cones… Sorry?
  8. I hate it when you have a mothers meeting in the store for 6hrs whilst I ponder around waiting to serve you 
  9. I hate it when your unforgiving, if I get your change wrong please do not throw it at me, I am not a hooker
  10. I hate it when you rub your hands all up our cabinet, we spend hours cleaning those…
  11. I hate it when you brag about how much money you have and how you are flying to Barcelona in 2hours, did you come in for a cake or?
  12. I hate it when you refuse to buy your husband a pink donut, it puts me in an uncomfortable position 

I have so many others things, some regulars really do brighten up my day… Others, well refer to last two and you can have a taste of my day in the bakery. By the way, we sell real yummy cakes.


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