My FIRST award…

This is the perfect moment for me to get on my soapbox and preach at you from the depth of my mind. But what fun would that be? 

I actually never win awards-at prom I got best dressed- which makes me feel at incompetent to be honest! I love blogging, it really is something that is a release for me. What makes this experience so enjoyable –wipes tears- is that people actually read my rambles! How mental is that…

So I want to thank creamycokaine for my nomination, if I had money I’d buy you a pizza! You’re a doll,

I have no pretty dress right now just my sixth form attire, I look pretty mundane, but just know my thoughts are alight with appreciations!

Here are my answers to you’re questions…

Q1: if you were paralysed from the waist down, what would be the first thing you’d ask the nurse to do?

Answer: I would ask for a shot of vodka and to ensure my wheel chair had super cool accessories. I won’t give up, not when I have some many people I love ATM 

Q2: if you were homeless what would your sign say?

“help me, I’m poor” yes that was inspired by Bridesmaids and I’d probably have I love lasagna in the corner…. In case someone feels generous

Q3: funniest movie I have ever seen?

I LOVE grown ups 1&2 I love a it of light humour and Adam Sandler really hits my funny bone. It’s one of those movies I could never watch with a guy because I will snort like Peppa Pig 

Q4: what made me start writing, not just blogging, but what made me realise I had a taste for writing?

I love reading and authors craft but the reason I started writing is a lot more deep than that. My nanny loves stories and when she got older I started writing her short stories as she started to forget. Not to the extent of dementia but still, she needed a reminder at times. Then I pursued writing at an academic level and realised it was a perfect for of expression.

Q5: what’s the best piece of advice you would give to an alien that had travelled to our world?

Aha I’m pretty sure there are aliens in my school, some of the things I hear really surprised me. But if I were to come across a gooey green alien – disregarding the fear I’d feel at that moment- I’d probably provide them with a tube map and tell them our society is really judgemental about appearances so he/she might want to buy a costume and pretend he is in dress up- and do not talk to strangers… And last but not least, Nandos is NOT cheeky! 

(Will nominate later)  



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