Get in touch, reach and tweet!

I am a massive social media user and have decided to create a Twitter account for my blog. 

Please follow and stay active! I love hearing from you and it makes me feel like I blogging for a reason. 

  1. Any questions? Tweet me
  2. Any suggestions? Tweet me
  3. Want to get coffee! Tweet me
  4. Want a chat? Tweet me
  5. Want some free food? No chance 
  6. Want to get to know more? Tweet me
  7. Shoutout? Tweet me
  8. Anything else? Tweet me (within reason)

Can’t wait to hear from you guys! 



2 thoughts on “Get in touch, reach and tweet!

  1. I’ve two twitters accounts that I opened in order to try to promote my books. It proved to be rather useless for that purpose. However Twitter is OK but only if one does it for a specific purpose. Lately it’s popularity is waning and it has lost a lot of money in the shares market because many people are starting to get fed up with it. By all all mean do it but don’t get addicted to it. All this said, the best way to describe Twitter is that is like a room full of people where everybody talks but nobody is listening.

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