10 Ways to Beat Exam Stress…


Slow down. And stop a while. I know how crazy exam season can get, its worst than mothers when Next have a sale-that is saying something- and I, not going to give you the secret ingredient to success but tell you a few ways I beat exam stress.

Sometimes stress gets so diabolical that I make myself ill and unstable… Mentally, I recognised this wasn’t healthy and was advised by my nana to find a way to work against the stress. Because guys really? We are so strong, we’ve made it this far so we can do another hurdle of exams.

The reason exam stress is so important for me to battle at present, is because I’m in my final year and I’ve got a lot riding on passing. It could go both ways, I could indulge in criminal matters (not that I’d be of ANY use) or I can go and get my self the most experience degree going! Yeahhhhhhhh… No. 

So here we have them

  1. Organisation; when I know what I need to do I feel a lot more prepared for all nighters snoring on my textbooks and preparing my resources for the next day.
  2. Eating well; I love me so carbs and fast food but it doesn’t leave me feeling replenished. Recently I have taken on the dreaded bowl of leaves, yes I mean salad, and in all fairness, I don’t won’t to hurl on eating them but I feel a lot cleaner and energised. My friends have given me the nickname- rabbit.
  3. Blogging; this may be super obviously, but this blog is a 10/10 stress relief for me and I love a good rant and some pretty pictures. Most of all you guys make coming back to my blog an enjoyment
  4. Bath time; girls AND guys I talking about a super cool bubble bath with scented candles and a bar of chocolate at the side. This is so chill and leaves me feeling elated
  5. Laughing; if you’re not a big laugher or your friends are as dull as anything then download some comedic podcasts or watch Gogglebox or stand up. laughing is such a stress relief that I feel great afterwards- I’m a huge laugher 
  6. Utilise your time; nothing is worst than feeling like time is slipping away, I made the mistake of being a class clown last year and had to save all my work for when I got home. BIG MISTAKE. Try to do all your work at school so you don’t dread it later
  7. Find a fun way to revise; I am a huge talker so when I do my revision notes I actually sit there talking to myself. My parents thing I have a fancy fellow locked in. My cupboard
  8. The outdoors; I recently went camping and did a hike on some grassland. It is nice to be at one with nature especially when you try and distance yourself from the real world
  9. Remove the negativity; I’m surprised at my age that drama still follows people around. With this I have distanced myself from those who never had a good thing to say. It was hard but I feel free.
  10. Sleep well; this is a given, we all love a good snooze. It is where we can see our future prospects hopefully and can just stop worrying a while. Get in those Zzzzzz 

I’m not saying they will work for you guys definitely, but these way really help me and I’m sure SOME will deem useful to you guys. 


8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Beat Exam Stress…

  1. If you have to face stern examiners imagine them sitting naked in the loo doing their morning things. It works because it reduces them to size zero. But don’t giggle or laugh at them while you imagine it because they may think that you have gone as nutty as a fruitcake.


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