I Simply Remember My Favourite things…

Thinking about it, my blog is named ‘delveintodem’ but how much do you really know? I created this blog to be a personal and active blogger so that my readers can feel the emotion and thought I put in to my posts. 

I’ve been pondering the thought over a cup of coffee and deciding I’ll enlighten you on 10 of my favourite things… If you care of course 

  1. Italian; my step family are true Italians who make everything from scratch. I can firmly asser that Lasanage, parmaham, pizza and mozzarella are my favourite things ever
  2. Sunsets; not trying to be too cliche but I find such an arousing beauty in sunsets. I think it’s the colours and serenity of it all but I would happily sit down and watch a sunset.
  3. Harry Potter; I am a die hard, wand owning, spell casting, dragon riding Harry Potter fanatic. I honestly do think flushing myself into a toilet at the opportune moment will take me to the Ministry of Magic.
  4. Karl Pilkington; he is one of the funniest, dullest but enlightening characters ever! His podcasts with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant really have my laughing aloud on a The Tube
  5. Environment; i love nature and have often taken it upon myself to do a it of litter picking, petition signing, tree planting and recycling. Gaia is my influence in this matter
  6. Handbags; i have more handbags than the Labour Party have seats in Parliament. I love them, they are fab-u-lous! 
  7. Singing; Lord knows I cannot sing a tune to save my life or anyone elses. But when I hit the shower and Taylor Swift fills the room I will sing my little heart out!
  8. Airports; if it were up to me social gatherings would be at an airport, I love seeing people reunite with one another and I empathise with those departing. But most of all, airports signify adventure and I love me a good adventure
  9. Blogging, I’m not just saying that because I blog, but I get SO SO excited when I see a notification. I’m like a fat kid in Krispy Kreme. Also, the little flags are adorable I can finally put a flag to a name!
  10. The beach; sand between my toes, salt on my lips and the sun tantalising my skin. Volleyball even though I am super sucky and ice cream. Why else would I not like the beach? 
  11. Kissing; this may be a tad inappropriate, but I LOVE kissing with the right person. It is honestly one of the best sensations ever! I said ‘one of’ you naughties
  12. Grooming myself; for someone who is insecure I sure as hell spend a lot of time brushing my hair, coating my lashes and powdering my cheeks. It makes me feel artistic and revives my face from the hideous fatigue I have on a daily basis.
  13. Baking; I love me some cake, cookies, pastry and bread you name it , I do it!
  14. Partying; best till last? I love a roaring atmosphere, I think I would’ve flourished in the 1920’s. The last party I went to had the most amazing vibe, people and drinks that I thought I’d never leave! But all good things come to and end


 These are a few of my favourite things… If you have any questions for me please comment below, I love seeing familiar bloggers in my notifications and I want to get to know more of you guys! 



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