If Time Stood Still…

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever considered a life without time? Would it be a life better spent? A life without the constant reminder of deadlines, schedules, places to be? I think a life without time would be a life with more spontaneity but more importantly, you wouldn’t be reminded that you’re running out of time.

How many times do you exclaim “I haven’t got the time!” Or “this is a waste of time”. Each of which are frustrating in themselves, it implies we are living with a deadline… Like a bunch of carrots, we have an expiry date. I think if I were to live without time I’d be a liberated from the constant need to rush, from the anxiety of running out of time and from the fear of growing up too fast.

I want more time for the things that matter, I don’t indulge in the little things in life because I’m afraid of missing out on the big things. I’d love to sit on a park bench, inhaling the floral breeze infused with life and hear the chatter of the birds without thinking of all the work I have to do. I’m sure we have all sat down to ‘relax’ at one point and immediately, got back up thinking ‘I’ve got to do this and that and oh my, I’m running out of time’.

Do you think if we had no time you would slow down? I’d make time for mistakes, if I didn’t get it right I’d relent and not be defeated by deadlines imposed upon me. When on my lunch break, I would savour the tastes and appreciate the fortune and gratitude owed to that moment…The old man at the bus stop? Sure I’d stop and make time to listen to his adventures and stories. We all have so much to share… Just little time to do so. Without time, I wouldn’t feel the need to prioritise the big things –at the moment it is revision- and I’d sit down with my family to talk without blaming them for distracting me from something more important… Because I have time. 

I can’t remember the last time a read a book for pleasure and not for academic purpose, I want the time to read for me… 

Of course, to have no concept of time seems impossible  IS impossible, but imagine the things you’d do. That bucket list? What is it that is holding you back?(except money) can’t get the time off work? Got exams? Something coming up? You get the point. Even I, right now, am bringing this to a conclusive end because I’ve got to go for a run then revise but what I’d really like to do is bake a cake but… I don’t have time.

Just wind down, slow down and relax.



5 thoughts on “If Time Stood Still…

  1. There can’t be a life without time because without it everything would be static and unmoving. Life exists because of time and with time there is change which I believe are the same thing. What we can do is slowing time and the ability to do it, which is an art, is up to each individual. One can also go back in time with one’s mind by reliving the past, not regrettably for mistakes made or opportunities missed which would be negative and counterproductive, but to analyse it in order not to do the same mistakes. Or rush at a fast, frenetic pace as most people pressed by problems, wants and deadlines imposed by society or self imposed do nowadays. I live in London and in my writings I always call it the city of the White Rabbits with reference to the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland who was always looking at his watch and running around because he had no time not even to talk to somebody else. In London they are all White Rabbits with only one exception which is me who is a sloth or a tortoise, but in the end the only one who has a lot of time and in a way some form of control over it.

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  2. I love this. You could right a whole science fiction novel on this.

    Seems time is many things. A measurement, a force, an illusion. I believe things can be many things and also nothing and something. Kind of like a waterfall. The water that flows is different yet the waterfall itself is the same. So it is constantly new yet always old.

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    1. Love the waterfall analogy, it perfectly sums up something that is really quite hard to explain. The concept of time really does render quite difficult to explain and now I have analogy to try and help me! Thanks


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