Switching it up…

Are we bound to a daily routine or can we switch it up? If you could be ANYONE ever, who would it be?

This morning I woke up and robotically carried out actions in preparation to endure school. I got up, had 2 shots of Sambuca –a lie but a wish- ate an English Muffin and mircaously made myself look half alive-thanks to works of make up. I do this religiously EVERY morning! It’s bland, bleak and dreary. So on my walk to school it pondered the possibility of switching it up…

No I don’t mean 3 shots of Sambuca and a waffle, I mean something bigger, something better. Suppose we could literally switch up our identity for the day? You could be the person you had always wanted to be –within reason– it could be someone concealed in the depth of your mind just rearing to break out, I’m thinking a Jeckyl and Hyde scenario, or it could be with a famous person… Imagine that.

I can imagine you have already thought of your person and all the mischief you’d get up to (becoming Justin Bieber and disappearing of the face of the earth?) and it’s exciting to contemplate the freedom from responsibilities and the possibilities. 

Who would I be? 

I pick… Cher Horowitz  

I tried to think of someone who wouldn’t make me look like a shallow, money obsessed attention seeker… Oh wait, I did! Don’t be put off by her superficiality! I’d love to be Cher Horowitz because yea, she is a Beverly Hills spoilt teen who has a raving social life but there is so much more to her. She constantly thinks of others and has really really good fashion sense, apart from that, I am at a loss.

More importantly,

What would I do?

  1. Being a real life Cher Horowitz will shock, astonish and amaze Clueless fans; the only courteous thing to do would to be through a raging house party
  2. I’d play suck and blow and kiss-providing it was my choice- Johnny Depp
  3. This public declaration of love would render me ‘way famous’
  4. I’d get invited to super cool parties and meet, hopefully, Taylor Swift
  5. And all Clueless fans will know Cher likes to give back to humanity so I would spend the rest of my time as Cher helping the Nepalian people as I’d have the means and popularity to help make a difference
  6. Finally, a shopping spree, I’d live up to the real life Cher Horowitz and not the terrible impersonation that Iggy Azalea crucified in her Fancy music videos 

I would do ALL Clueless fans proud! My chosen person, my not excite you-you obviously haven’t watch clueless-  but the idea of switching it up must light some kind of burning fantasy inside of you? Whenever you’re bored or tired and fed up think about the possibility. And if you are lucky enough, kill the real person you want to be, spend millions on plastic surgery and enjoy being famous, rich or influential!



2 thoughts on “Switching it up…

  1. I could Gordon Ramsey. Not because I like him but because I could go on TV and tell to the world: “Ehi you people, why do you follow me? I’m nothing, Controversial Cook (that’s me…) is one million times better than me, and also unlike me very bright and cute. Follow him blindly and become his devoted fans.” In that way when I would revert to being Controversial Cook I would be very rich and famous and he would have lost all his fans.

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