10Things I couldn’t live without 

To narrow my ‘necessities’ down to 10 is one of my lifetime achievements. I love diversity, change and spontaneity and this always leaves me with millions of things I love and adore from trinkets to gadgets, food to books and people to pets- but we all have to make sacrifices…

Here are 10 things I would never contemplate living without!

  1. GHD’s: an acronym for ‘Good Hair Days’ who would give that up!?
  2. Breakfast: I am convinced the only reason I get out my bed is because I drift towards the aromatic breakfasts served up by my papa 
  3. IPad Air: what a fabulous invention, it’s everything in one technological device
  4. IPod: Yes, I am an Apple junkie, I love music and couldn’t think of a day where I could not drone out the voice of people with Taylor Swift or Aerosmith
  5. Friends: I mean this as in the people I spend my time with and Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and of course, Chandler
  6. Benefit make up: their products render me human looking, it’s a challenge! 
  7. Holidays: I LOVE travelling so so so much, the air of humidity and adventure as soo as you step of the plane (read my post on travelling)
  8. Kindle; I’m a prolific reader and love a good book, I would never chose a life without literature!
  9. Spontaneity: if my friends didn’t knock on my door at 4am or make last minute plans my photo albums would never be full of happiness 
  10. My annoying relatives: of course this would be my 10, who else would feed me?

I don’t need to be obvious here, I know I need oxygen and all the sciency stuff, but these are just a few things I appreciate on a daily basis. I could’ve rambled on for at least another 48 things but I refrained.

What is it YOU can’t live without?



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