‘I don’t see nothing wrong with a little drugs and crime’ – R. Kelly Remix

How many drafts have you handed in before your tiresome self hits the bottle? Or even, how many business proposals have you thought to be a gold mine yet you were brutally rebuffed by ‘your superior’? Students, getting your grades back and knowing you’re being judged because you just didn’t pull it out of the bag… It’s defeating.

Right now, I’m contemplating the options

Doesn’t sound too illegal does it? Ugh, I know what you’re thinking, she’s not trying hard enough- believe me, I have watched many sunsets pass whilst glaring fecklesslesy at my computer screen deciphering the errors of my ways. I’m not saying the marking is inaccurate just that the feeling of defeat is enough to render anyone depressed.

Of course I’m not going to launch the next big drug cartel- I‘m not smart enough and Orange is the New Black doesn’t have a guidebook-  and I definitely do not have the stamina to be a stripper let alone the body for it! But it is normal to think there are no other alternatives. I mean we are told grades will solidify our future and I do thoroughly believe that, I am a high achiever at times and I’ve seen the rewards it reaps. But there are moments when I want to burn every condescending textbook, run over every facetious teacher and use toilet paper out of my workbooks because there is only so many times you can be told “yeah, well, it’s not quite there yet but it will be”. I interpret this to be mean “Look, Demi, I’m not giving you the grade unless you put in copious amounts of hours that your mental state of mind is questionable, until your fingers are red raw with work and your eyes as square as your computer screen”. -Does this sound familiar anyone?

But don’t worry, these are just my angry ramblings -‘to think I didn’t know what to blog about today’- I am just blowing off steam, you won’t see me standing on your local corner or in the dark alley promoting myself or my ‘products’. Share in my frustration and let me know I’m not the only lunatic out here.

However, if prison is anything like Orange is the New Black’s Litchfield i could be tempted…



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