I’m an addict…

My first AA meeting…

“Morning everyone, I’m Demi and for about 3 years now I have been coffee dependent” 

I assume by now you know my predicament, I’m in love with the ground beans, aromatic Arabian delight and succulent Italian roast. Honestly, it is my fix and Starbucks is my dealer I live for the animation to my body and stimulation of my mind.

Right now I’m indulging, scrap that, indulging would me it’s a treat! I’m sipping on my fuel, A Chocolate Coated Cappuchino thank you Starbucks! I’m sure many of you can’t go a day without your cup of joe and when you feel as though your on the edge of depletion you reach for the thing you know will fish you out of a fatigued black hole… Coffee.

I deemed this post quite relvenant as for me, it is 9:45am and I’m preparing for a busy day. To contemplate a life without coffee really does worry me as I have been days without it and I am often met with these phrases…

  1. Who took the jam out of your doughnut 
  2. Did I do something wrong?
  3. Demi you look awful, are you ill?
  4. You’re so grumpy…
  5. What is with you today?

Each phrase irritates the hell out of me! Leave me to wallow in self pity, I’m dealing with a crisis, I’m aware my recount may be a tad exaggerated but I just want to shout out to all those coffee drinkers out there who feel and act the same in regards to the worlds favourite drug. 

For those of you in or visiting London my strongest recommendations go the The Habberdashery

This playful, fun and cosy coffee pit stop is one of my favourites! It is alight and quirky with an atmosphere which enhances your coffee experience. Visit if you can and experience the sensual delight for yourself. If it were up to me I would establish a Bloggers Coffee  Club and we would meet, drink, eat and chat all over a universal pleasure…

So Good Morning bloggers and I hope your first cup isn’t your last cup!




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