My Movie Madness

“Live in the movies” – I took this a little too literally 

I so hope, wish and pray that i am not the only person who after watching a movie, had found their behaviour influenced in one way or another?

I can feel the bashfulness colouring my cheeks right now, my thoughts are drifting back to all the times I had made a complete fool of myself after watching a movie. It’s like I pay to got to the cinema to watch a great film right? WRONG, it’s not a cinema it’s a form of mind control I’m telling you!

I don’t whether it is just because I am impressionable or just easily deceived and all that but movies alter me… They make me think I can be the, just by acting differently and I do it! – does this make me a loser?

I’m about the use my word of the day… What is this Tomfoolery 

Anyway lovely readers here are so SHAMEFUL examples…

(Head up, I’m a major chick flick kind of girl)

 CINDERELLALily James is enchanting in Cinderella. I went to the cinema thinking I looked semi-alright… I left feeling  like I looked like had been stuck in a well for a million years. So what did I do? I bought some glitter and started using in my daily routine (I looked like a disco ball) and I started talking to random animals I came across… I know what was I thinking?


  Carl Casper had me serving grilled cheeses left right and centre. I honestly thought I could make a living off selling hot sandwiches… In all fairness I probably could provided it didn’t taste like crap. So I started eating way more and acting like a food loving junky, I went into the school cafeteria and asked if they used fresh ingredient… What a mistake that was!


ONE argument with my dad, which I now have learnt doesn’t give me the right to complain about ‘Daddy Problems’, and suddenly I’m a rebellious, low cut wearing, sexy dancing defiant girl who just doesn’t care. We argued about my room being a state and I had watched Footloose the night before, I started yelling ‘it’s my life’ left the house, slammed the door and went round my my friends and INSISTED we dance.


My friends 18th birthday was emerging and I thought what better way to make an entrance with a smoking hot “Mr -Tie -Me -Up -Tie -Me -Down” kind of guy. I actually searched “hot male hookers near me”. Long story short… I went to the party alone.


What a woman! Tauriel had me comvinced I was an angelic elf who could combat her way to victory. How did I use this new found inspiration? My crush was being shouted at for talking and I took my moment, seized it like a white girl in Starbucks…

“SIR, it was me who was talking” 

“Demi, you’re sitting on the other end of the room”

Damn it.



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