How my FIRST kiss really went…


Do you remember your first kiss?

Butterflies swarm in your stomach, your heart is beating 10 to a dozen and your lips are plumped and ready, it is happening… Your first kiss

We have a Hollywood depiction on how the first kiss should go…

  1. Stare deeply into eachothers eyes
  2. Blush under your partners gaze
  3. Give in to the lustful desire and lean in
  4. Caress her face and slide your hand in her hair
  5. Pull her in
  6. Take a moment 
  7. Then kiss them

I don’t know about you but on emergence of my first kiss it was going swimmingly, I was a temple of nerves and so passionately in ‘love’ or so I thought. But my first kiss did NOT live up to the expectation.

It went a little something like this…

Walking under the stars with my significant other, it’s started well, the breeze was poignant and crisp and I was infused with life and thrills… It was going to happen…I was going to have my first kiss. We sat on a patch of grass in silence for a while cringing at the awkward cloud of expectation hovering above us. 

He made his move.

I don’t know what happened but we collided. That typical cliche motion where our heads were conquers in a conquer match. But we brushed it off, he kissed me and our teeth knocked on eachothers (he told me he was a good kisser!) I laughed and carried on. He pulled away and put his hands on his head. ” can I try again?” I was so confused but agreed as I wanted to compensate this kiss. 

Again, he leaned it we kissed but the mood was already broken. Instead of an array of fireworks that is meant to happen I got a feeble party popper that struggled to explode. I wasn’t disappointed just disillusioned was this the way kissing was?

P.s – I’ve had a 10/10 kiss before which makes me look back and disregard my first kiss as even a kiss 😭



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