Do you believe in fairies!?

“Second star to the right and straight on ’till morning” – J. M Barrie

I couldnt not blog about my favourite thing in the world. Peter Pan illustrated the most vivid dreams I had ever had and rid me of my fear of the dark. This book is one of the most credited literary books which portrays the most beautiful, magical, romantic and inspiring tales ever to escape our mouths.

Plus I have this beautiful copy which is gorgeous…

There are an abundance of reason why I adore this book, I wrote a paper on it that specifically conveying the admiration I have. But I’ll keep it concise. 

I love Peter Pan because it reminds us of what magic truly  is. Wendy delves away from the immediate transfer of childhood to adult hood and gets to experience all the wonders there are left of being a child. From beautiful mermaids, mystical surroundings, the most alluring companion and not to mention pixie dust- what more could we ever ask for?

What is more so inticing about Barrie’s Peter Pan is its sinister undertones which conceal and hides the truth from the readers eyes. This is metaphorical for the implications that children have the ability to hide under the magic. I think sometimes as an older reader of the book we need to be reminded of the magic and what it is to think of nothing but fairies and story time.

This book is a must and in terms of film recommendations the Disney adaptation is of course fabbity fab fab but the 2004 version excels in my eyes… It really delivers the magic! 

So my question to you guys is do you believe in fairies and magic?



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