That Friday Feeling!…

“TGIF, I don’t think I could’ve made it another day”-Lady at the train station 

TGIF! I’m sure you are all infused with that Fabulous Friday Feeling. Getting through today has been a real challenge, in fact I thought time was mocking me with its crisp chime on the clock that lasted longer than it should… I checked my hair for grey hairs and my face for wrinkles.

5 things that bugged me today…

  1. Coffee withdrawal; I only had one coffee today and I could feel myself slipping in to a spiral of delirium and agitation (that’s why people steered clear of me today)
  2. I left my FOOD at home, do I need to say more? Someone offered me a Snickers… I’m sure you can get the reference here 
  3. My hair was flat, feeling self conscious is the worst feeling
  4. My teacher thought he was in stand-up and persisted at an hilaric adaptation of Macbeth… Funny but eccentric 
  5. I was STILL in lessons 

So you can imagine, all of these ingredients mixed together to make one big cake of dissapointment. But I am home now and filled with good food and coffee, I’m as happy as this pup 😊


Hope you all are at a point of jubilation and are ready to let your hair down and PARTY this weekend! Look nice, make memories and eat good… It’s Friday surely that is enough to expel and qualms that have happened over the week?

I am surprisingly happy considering I have work tomorrow… But I work in a bakery so JAM DOUGHNUTS HERE I COME! 

A Little extra: the lady on the train was the highlight of my day, satirically narrating her life on the train… I thought I was grump until I met ‘Sandy’. Hope she finally got her toothpaste, onions and Nine West bag. (Yes, she was THAT specific)



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