Surprise Test Terror 😩

How many students out there hate that surprise test?!

Hate hate hate HATE those sporadical tests teachers inflict upon us. Do they plot and scheme together? Oh I don’t know but my English teacher dropped an atomic bomb on our class- a 2 Hour mock test.

The announcement of this text prompted the “urghhhhhhhhh” in unison that is so commonly associated with us teenagers!

I began to feel claustrophobic, sweaty and nauseous. I didn’t dare look up in case everyone one was scribbling away their abundance of thoughts and interpretations and all that jazz. But I did… I looked up and was met with the reflection of my EXACT disposition.

My friend was just as agaonised as I was… I loved her so much in the moment I basically serenaded her! If you know this song you can only know how perfect it was for this moment.  

 Bad Teacher…

So after the initial shock, we gathered our thoughts and gave it a good old college try as they say. I just want to take this moment to scorn my teacher, it is Friday and I can only assume she felt bitter and vengeful hence this unwanted surprise… I hope she has a fantastical weekend marking whilst I’m out doing anything but that! 



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